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Researchers have found out in what months centenarians are born

According to numerologists, a person’s birth month is directly related to longevity. Moreover, this relationship was also stated by medical scientists.

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Leonid and Natalya Gavrilov of the NORC Center for the Study of Aging at the University of Chicago studied 1,574 centenarians who were born between 1880 and 1995. People were over a hundred years old.

The data were compared with 11 thousand relatives (brothers and sisters), as well as with a thousand spouses. Such a sample was made to obtain information about the life span of people with common heredity and a similar lifestyle. It turned out to assess the impact of the month of birth.

Scientists were able to find some pattern. For example, children born in September-November most often become centenarians. The November children were the strongest, and the March children were the weakest.

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According to doctors, the resulting picture may not be associated at all with the magical influence of numbers, but with various infections that are relevant for a particular month. There may also be other reasons, such as the availability of food in the fall after harvest for feeding the fetus.

The temperature of the external environment also affects health. There are no extremely hot or cold days in the autumn season, which has a beneficial effect on the human body.

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