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Researchers have discovered the origin of the “hut on the moon”

The Chinese lunar rover Yuytu-2, traveling on the other side of the Earth’s satellite, recently found a strange object on the horizon, about 80 meters from its location. The find excited the public: it was immediately nicknamed “the hut on the moon.”

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A new image from Yuytu-2, published by journalist Andrew Jones, has shed light on yet another lunar mystery. As you might expect, we are not talking about any “house”, “base” or any other man-made object.

In front of us is an ordinary stone located on the edge of the Von Karman crater. In the first image from the rover, it looked much larger, and this, together with its unusual shape, created the illusion of artificial origin.

The rock on the edge of the crater / © CNSA

However, the researchers never had any particular doubts on this score. They immediately stated that we are most likely talking about a boulder that appeared as a result of a cosmic body hitting the lunar surface.

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But this clarification has not calmed the conspiracy theorists. They assure that the moon rover could not get to that place so quickly and that the Chinese are deliberately hiding the real explanation.

Alas, now there is one less space mystery. At the same time, it should be said that the planets of our system, as well as their satellites, keep many secrets. It is unlikely that humanity will ever be able to find an explanation for all of them.

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  1. All the times it’s really just a rock and a little pareidolia. This one time it is definitely not the rock shown and this site is all nothing to see here based on what CHINA, the biggest liars on the planet, say?

  2. In the original photo the object in question clearly has 90 degree angles. The explanation photo is not even close! Tell the CCP to try again! Who tge hell trusts the Chinese Government anyhow! Yeah we know how open and honest they are now huh!!

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