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Researchers are looking for aliens in the depths of the sea

Various stories about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) often capture attention, but a recent claim by an American professor adds a new dimension – a UFO passing rapidly under the sea.

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Professor Bob Maguire, from Virginia Tech, made this sensational assertion based on his experience as a defence analyst. Maguire, who worked for the Institute for Defense Analyses, recounted an incident where he claimed to have witnessed an alien spacecraft moving through the ocean.

Maguire emphasises that there was no room for confusion or misunderstanding in his account. He disclosed that while onboard the USS Hampton Submarine, engaged in official duties, he detected signals indicative of a fast-moving submerged object, reports

The submarine’s sonar had reportedly identified an Unidentified Submerged Object (USO) travelling at a speed surpassing that of sound in water.

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The professor highlights the remarkable aspect that, despite the extraordinary speed, the submarine remained intact, defying the potential destruction that such an object could cause.

“We were on our way and suddenly I heard a sound. It was really strange and clear that something whistled past us,” says the professor.

This intriguing incident transpired in 1990, and Maguire asserts that he was explicitly instructed by officials at that time to keep the information confidential.

The nature of his work during the incident was classified, contributing to the veil of secrecy. While discussing the event, Maguire refrains from disclosing specific details such as when and where it occurred.

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According to the submarine’s sonar data, the object was moving at speeds exceeding 3,330 miles per hour, an order of magnitude faster than the speed of sound in water. This mysterious encounter has caught the attention of UFO researchers, who are now searching for unidentified underwater objects (USOs).

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