Researcher warns: An “ancient evil” lurks in Antarctica

Renowned UFO and paranormal investigator Billy Carson is warning against further exploration in Antarctica, claiming it could awaken an “ancient evil.”

He refers to the statements of American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who, according to Carson, discovered a threat on the continent hidden in the Ellsworth Mountains.

In an interview with podcaster Shawn Ryan, Carson said that the pyramid, which appeared in a NASA photo, confirmed that “we are all in danger – it is evil itself.” Despite many people refuting the theory, the UFO fanatic is adamant about its veracity.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who walked on the moon’s surface in 1969, visited the South Pole in 2016 but had to be evacuated after a medical emergency. Carson said that the moonwalker went to the frozen continent to meet world leaders, but became terrified by the “ultimate evil.”

Most scientists believe that the pyramid in the Ellsworth Mountains is natural and created by natural processes. However, Carson argues that it was created either by humans or another intelligent life form when Antarctica was a tropical region.

“One of the pyramids is two kilometres by two kilometres, by two kilometres,” he said. This is just one example of a structure that predates what many consider the beginning of human civilization.

Carson also claims that scientific experiments in Antarctica are “rediscovering” ancient scientific knowledge used in the past to communicate with aliens.

“I really believe in life in other worlds and even in other dimensions,” he adds.

Despite doubts and controversy, Carson urges caution and warns against further scientific research in this mysterious region.

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Jake Carter

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    • The earth is flat is also believed by the same ones that also think no one walked on the lunar surface.

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