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Researcher discovered mysterious structures on the Moon

Renowned ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring is back in the spotlight with his latest discovery: mysterious structures on the surface of the Moon.

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In photographs of the Moon obtained by the American space agency NASA, he discovered something that raises many questions.

Waring’s discovery became the subject of discussion among lovers of the mysteries of space. The ufologist said that the photograph was published by NASA just a few days ago, and immediately after that he began a detailed analysis of it.

According to Waring, the photograph shows structures that could not have formed naturally. These unusual objects could have been built by extraterrestrial civilizations, the researcher believes.

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However, the most surprising thing is that, according to Waring, NASA is not even trying to hide this information. Skeptics argue that if evidence of alien intervention was actually found on the Moon, the agency would try to hide such facts.

However, Waring believes that the agency is deliberately disclosing this information to generate public interest and attention to aliens.

The researcher also calls on NASA to provide more details about the origin of these mysterious structures and conduct more research.

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