Researcher believes he’s discovered a giant ‘monolith’ on Mercury

Renowned ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring has unveiled a startling find within a NASA image. In the photograph, he discerned a colossal “monolith” positioned at the heart of a crater.

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As per the chart, the crater itself boasts a diameter slightly exceeding 20 km. Most craters of this size typically reach depths of 3-4 km.

However, this particular crater, with its protruding monolith, appears to possess a height comparable to its depth, although in reality, the monolith only extends a few meters above the crater’s rim.

Scott Waring commented, “Today, while studying a NASA map, I stumbled upon a substantial Monolith at the center of a crater on planet Mercury. The map’s measurements indicate the crater spans just over 20km in width.

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“Most craters of this magnitude usually exhibit depths of 3-4km, and with the presence of this monolith, it appears to match the same exact height… Merely peeking over the edge by a few meters.

“Coincidence? I have reservations about coincidences; my belief is grounded in empirical data, with photographs being a substantial form of evidence.”

He continued, “The age-old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, famously quoted by Henrik Ibsen, might be a considerable underestimation. This image transcends the value of thousands or millions of words, for even a vast library of books would prove insufficient to encapsulate the significance of this discovery.”

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Waring asserts that this finding potentially substantiates the notion of ancient extraterrestrial existence within our solar system.

With ardent anticipation, he anticipates forthcoming investigations that will delve deeper into the Mercury crater and its enigmatic monolith. As the mysteries of the cosmos unfold, who can predict what revelations await us in the near future?

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