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Rep. Tim Burchett on UFOs: “I just want total disclosure”

Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee has made a bold call for transparency from federal agencies. During a Newsmax interview, Burchett expressed his concerns over the secrecy surrounding the monitoring and investigation of UFOs by government bodies.

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Burchett told Newsmax that “it’s time for all these alphabet agencies to come forth” when it comes to the existence of UFOs.

The statement from the congressman came on the heels of a widely circulated video showing an unidentified cylindrical object in close proximity to a commercial aircraft approaching LaGuardia Airport.

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The woman who recorded the footage, Michele Reyes, reported that her attempts to seek answers from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National UFO Database were met with silence.

Burchett, who has a history of advocating for government transparency, voiced his frustration with the lack of information available to him, even as a member of Congress.

He highlighted the need for full disclosure on the activities and expenditures related to the investigation of UFOs, citing the Pentagon’s failure to pass a financial audit.

“I just want total disclosure. You know, I want transparency. I wanna know what they’re spending. In the history of audits our Pentagon has never passed an audit,” he said during an appearance on “Saturday Agenda.”

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Burchett mentioned his attempt to have the government UFO files declassified was shot down during a theatrical display on the Senate floor.

“I’m not so sure if that wasn’t just staged, looking back on it now, because it’s clear something’s going on. More than half the country believes that there is something going on. I think it’s time for all of these alphabet agencies to come forth.

“You know, they even admitted to having these recovery teams. Now what the heck are they recovering?” he asked.

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His remarks about the existence of recovery teams within these agencies have added to the intrigue, leaving the public to wonder what, if anything, is being recovered.

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