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Renovation Ghosts: Home Improvements Can Cause a Haunt

renovation ghostsOf all classified types of haunts, the short-lived “Renovation Ghost” is quite different from the rest. How could home improvements invite this often unwelcome guest?

Disgruntled Spirits

Disturbance to an otherwise quiet spirit’s “comfort zone” may provoke them to manifest. Imagine how you might react if a demo team arrived and began working at your home unannounced – that’s the same feeling that ignites many Renovation Ghosts.

You may find it helpful in decreasing disruptive paranormal activity to talk aloud and explain the project and what can be expected upon its completion.

Assure yourself and any spirits present that the work will refresh the home and rejuvenate the energy that resonates there.

Protective Spirits

Alterations to a home that an entity holds dear, and may be quite protective of, can stir enough emotional energy for the spirit to make its presence known.

Perhaps the ghost is quite proud of the handiwork he had done himself that was now being undone by a new project. On the other hand, a spirit may be pleased or grateful that their former home is being preserved or renewed and will exhibit a temporary surge in activity.

An assessment of the type and intensity of paranormal events can help determine if the entity’s motivation is positive or negative. If you feel threatened in any way by the presence in your home, turn to your personal beliefs and consult a spiritual leader for help or advice.

Energized Spirits

The energy of demolition or construction is sometimes all that’s needed to provide the strength for a spirit to display activity.

Renovations often come with teams of physical laborers, high-stress levels for both the homeowner and contractor, and dozens of energy emitting tools to get the job done – all things that can act as a spiritual “battery” of sorts.

Though none of these aspects can really be avoided, it often helps lower the intensity of a paranormal disturbance if you keep a level head during the project and to take time to relax.

When Will the Haunting End?

Though Renovation Ghosts can often make progress difficult, this type of haunting usually settles down after work has stopped. If activity persists weeks or even months after your projects have been completed, you may find that you’ve accidentally stumbled upon a secret object or piece of information the spirit desperately does or does not want to be discovered.

You’ll need to then don your detective cap to try and find the hidden message a ghost may be trying to convey and put your unwelcome houseguest at ease.

Recruit an experienced team of paranormal investigators in your area (nearly all work for free) for help if you feel uncomfortable making the attempt by yourself or feel you’re in over your head.

Remember, relax and be patient. Waiting out the ghostly disturbance is often the easiest and most effective method of ridding your home of a Renovation Ghost.

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