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Aliens on Earth

Remote Viewing Alien Life Forms: Locating Space Aliens on Earth

Aliens on EarthMost psychic abilities are innate and come naturally to people. Clairvoyance and telepathy are two of the most known abilities. However, there is a form of psychic ability that can be learned through a scientific method known as Scientific Remote Viewing.

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What is Scientific Remote Viewing?

Scientific Remote Viewing, also known as SRV, is a process of being able to view something or someone at a distant location and can be used to view the target of the viewing session at any point in time.

The idea is to obtain information without using any of the five senses. Instead, SRV works to override the conscious mind to get to soul-level communication.

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The viewer is given two random four-digit numbers. Although these numbers would have no meaning to the viewer’s conscious mind, the viewers’ subspace mind recognizes what the numbers signify.

Originally developed by the CIA and U. S. military, this particular remote viewing process was developed by Dr. Courtney Brown.

Dr. Courtney Brown is a scientist and director of The Farsight Institute which is an organization dedicated to the development of remote viewing as a scientific way of collecting information.

One of the foremost and most respected viewers in the world, Dr. Courtney Brown has been able to remote view different races of extraterrestrials and claims some of them are on Earth now.

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Extraterrestrials on Earth

When remote viewing extraterrestrials, both Dr. Brown and many other viewers at the Farsight Institute have collected the same data. Although some of the data might seem difficult to believe, much of the information is similar to information obtained by many researchers in the field of UFO investigations.

The best known alien life forms are those referred to as the Greys. Due to abuse to their environment, they destroyed their own planet. They had to move underground and began genetically altering themselves in order to adapt to their new surroundings.

It’s said that they altered their minds so that they could avoid emotions and it’s said that they altered their bodies to be smaller.

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One of the drawbacks from this is that they could no longer produce their own offspring. They came to Earth to work with human biology in an effort to create a hybrid race which in time will allow them to reproduce on their own and feel emotions again.

Life on Mars and Martians on Earth

According to information received through SRV, there was once life on Mars. Due to a comet or asteroid, the Martian civilization was mostly destroyed.

While it’s said that some of the survivors moved underground, others were brought to Earth and supposedly live in an underground facility under a mountain in Santa Fe Baldy, New Mexico.

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Who are the Reptilians and Why are They Here?

Apparently the Martians aren’t the only ones with a secret underground base. Allegedly, another race of aliens known as the Reptilians have at least one base on Earth as well.

Both Reptilians and hybrid Reptilians have been viewed, along with humans. The apparent reason the Reptilians came to Earth was to form a hybrid species between Man and Reptilians.

Remote viewing was originally developed to be used as a type of psychic spying for the military. Although the above information regarding alien life may seem difficult to believe, especially since it isn’t verifiable, numerous remote viewing sessions have had verifiable results, indicating that the process does work.

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If military bases and weapons can accurately be remote viewed, then the possibility of remote viewing aliens should be considered, especially if viewed by Dr. Courtney Brown who has an outstanding reputation in his field.

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