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Remember Your Dreams

dreamsEveryone dreams, but many of us do not remember their dreams. Unfortunately, because most people are not even aware of how much dreams can be important.

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Dreams are usually symbols of our subconscious mind. Some psychologists believe that dream have psychological meaning.

Regardless of what they really are, or why we have them, dreams are interpreted. All have a certain meaning to the person who dreams them, regardless of whether it is aware of their dreams or not.

Dreams are often vague, so it is clear that they can not be interpreted by the so-called “mainstream science”, and dreams and nightmare depends primarily of our personalities. Some psychologists are engaged in studying and interpretation of dreams, but people are mostly left alone. Or we risk to contact psychologist to interpret what is the meaning of the dream and that thy possibly label us on one way or another, or you will try to do it by yourself.

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For example, if you’ve noticed that in dreams you does not look like yourselves, but to regularly play the role of different people? Perhaps there is a subconscious reason why you want to be someone else. Maybe people from your dream possess the qualities you want to have, or maybe is something you are afraid and you trying in that way to suppress thinking about fear. Unfortunately, if you do not recognize the reality of your fears,in dream you can become a person who is obsessed with fear. Dream may be message of your subconscious mind that it is time to face the fear of someone in real life.

If you are an adult and still dreaming that you are in school, this could mean that either you are missing these days or you are afraid of aging, or you wanted to do certain things while you were still in school. However, you will have to face the reality and realize that you can’t change the past. Even if you think you are faced with a situation, it is possible to deep in your mind is hidden twinge of regret that you are unable to know.

If you always dream that you are in the water, it means that you are a prisoner of your emotions. Water is your emotions. If you always dream that you lost somewhere on the endless ocean, this may mean that you feel tiredness of life. If in the dream you constantly fighting to stay on the surface, it is a very good sign because it means that you persistently fight to keep yourself in life.

If the dream you choke, you have subconsciously ready to leave and sink into depression. In this case you must immediately take some action, for example, to undergo the early activities and exercises for reducing stress and achieving inner peace. This will help to re-establish control over your life.

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Aforementioned are just some types of dreams that everyone dreams sometimes. If you want to interpret your own subconscious mind, start to write down your dreams. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, write down every detail you can remember from the dream. Write details about your dreams and emotional condition before going to bed and immediately when you wake up. If you do this every day, after a while you will learn to interpret your dreams.


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