Remains of a creature similar to a mermaid washed ashore

The skeleton of a strange creature was recently discovered on an Australian beach and the “human skull” led many to believe that it was a mermaid.

A woman named Bobbi-Lee Owets stumbled upon a mysterious skeleton while walking along Keppel Beach in Queensland.

At first she thought that it was a human skeleton, and then that it might be some new species of marine animal unknown to science.

The photos she took show a long body with protruding ribs and a small, rounded human-like skull.

“We were driving along the beach looking for a place to lie down and couldn’t help but notice how this skull looked like a human. We stopped and got closer to understand what the hell it is and why this thing looks like a human skull,” Owets says.

“It had a human-shaped skull with an elongated jawline and hair similar to cow or kangaroo hair, but in many places the hair was missing due to decomposition.

“It was exactly like a mermaid in shape. We were shocked because initially it looked like a person. We were excited and I thought we had discovered a wonderful new species – we were stunned and surprised.”

Unfortunately, it is not yet known what it really is. When the photo hit the social networks, many believed that this was in fact the skeleton of a mermaid.

The British Daily Star writes that their expert reviewed the photos and “narrowed down the suspects” to whales, killer whales, dolphins and porpoises.

However, if you look online for what the skeletons of whales and dolphins look like, it is clear that the “human skull” of the remains is not too similar to the whale and dolphin. Bobbi-Lee herself says that she has never seen anything like this in local waters.

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