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Releasement – Freeing Earthbound Spirits Including Attachments

ReleasementEarthbound spirits are lost souls, poltergeists and attachments, those who connect themselves to the living, can be released so they may go to the Light.

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Releasement, unlike exorcism, is a caring, gentle and compassionate process; it’s not challenging and confrontational. The process of releasement is said to help “earthbounds” to pass over into the Light, while the purpose of exorcism is to expel possessing demons.

Attachments can negatively affect the living. Releasement, not exorcism, is the way to free lost souls, attachments and poltergeists from their earthly chains.

Differences – Releasement and Exorcism

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There are stages of the Catholic exorcism rite, employing the “Rituale Romanum.” The presence, all pervasive and evil, is said to be tangible. It’s believed that the demons try to hide behind the possessed and must be forced to reveal themselves.

The next stage is the “breakpoint,” when the voice appears. There’s a tremendous battle of wills between the exorcist and the demons whom don’t want to be expelled. The final stage is expulsion. When this stage is successful, the presence is no longer felt. Usually, more than one exorcism is required.

Releasement consists of a different process that entails soothing the spirit, addressing it and the reasons for the entity’s earthbound status, and finally, helping the earthbound spirit to pass over to the Light. It’s rare to encounter a situation where more than one releasement is required.

Attachments Can Negatively Affect the Living

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Earthbound spirits can remain at the scene of the body’s death; they can wander; or the spirit may become attached to a person or people. Sometimes, when the physical body dies — especially when the death is traumatic and sudden — a spirit is confused because it’s not aware of the body’s death.

There may be other distressing emotions including disbelief, anger, fear, guilt, resentment and distress.

Strong feelings of love and the living’s wish for the spirit to remain on earth can also keep spirits earthbound. If an addict dies, the spirit may attach to someone who is a user.

There’s a debate over whether this is due solely to the addiction because the spirit wants to feel the effects of the habit or whether the emotions result in an earthbound spirit. Since spirits lack a physical body, it’s logical that the emotions keep them earthbound.

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People to whom earthbounds are attached to may feel drained, experience clairaudience which is the psychic hearing of voices and other sounds, drastically change their behavior or personality or begin to use and/or abuse substances.

Shamans believe earthbounds suffer from “Soul Loss” and they perform acts — done with gentleness and love — intended to retrieve the lost fragment in order to restore the soul and release the spirit.

How Perform a Releasement

During the releasement process, the earthbounds are soothed in the way that one would calm a frightened, confused child. Information as to why the spirit remains earthbound is gathered. The reasons for the spirit remaining on earth are addressed and dispelled. Fears of going to the Light are alleviated.

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If necessary or desired, spirits of departed loved ones and angels can be asked to help with the releasement process. Candles colored pink (symbolizing love) and purple (symbolizing deep healing) may be lit. Crystal quartz can protect the releasers, especially if attachments are involved.

When people feel the spirit has gone to the light, the pendulum may be used to confirm their suspicions. It’s said that f it swings clockwise, the spirit is in the Light. If it swings counter-clockwise, the spirit needs more reassurance.

Some earthbounds, after they are in the Light, will offer a sign for the individuals involved in the release. These “signs” can include pleasant scents or communication.

Releasement — not Exorcism — Sets Earthbounds Free

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In all documented cases involving a releasement that was performed in the correct manner, the earthbounds have gone to the Light. However, there’s a possibility that extremely rare exceptions might exist.

Sometimes people have asked a priest to exorcise an earthbound, as if it was a demon. This only adds to the spirit’s distress — especially in a case involving attachments — and as a result, the spirit may rebel by escalating its activity or beginning poltergeist activity.

When dealing with earthbounds, some “wannabe ghost hunters,” are confrontational and adversarial. One self-proclaimed ghost hunter, accompanied by his team, was investigating alleged poltergeist activity.

Ralph (a pseudonym) commanded the spirit to give him a sign that it was present; he did not receive a response. Ralph got angry because the spirit didn’t do as he demanded; he grew more confrontational and began to call it derogatory names such as “coward.” The team was stunned and perturbed by Ralph’s behavior – an example of the wrong way to treat a spirit.

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Earthbounds, including attachments and poltergeists can be released when treated with kindness, gentleness and caring. Spirits of deceased loved ones and angels can be asked to help. If desired, the process can also include rituals like burning candles and reading passages from a holy book, such as the Bible.

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