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Reincarnation: Your Journey Through Karma

“Reflection” channeled by Donna Kinniburgh (Rainbow Lady)

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The following are exerpts (approx. 4 pages of a possible 17 to 20 per session) from REFLECTION Readings.

Opening Comments

Reincarnation is a word which many individuals do not understand in its totality. Indeed so! And as well, “karma” itself is ofttimes perceived by individuals in that when one does hold karma onto the self, there is need for paying back that which is owed to another lifestyle. From the perspective of reincarnation, this itself is not the case. For karma is that which individuals choose to balance when they do enter into the lifestyle that they do choose. For the balancing itself does add to the soul’s perspective, does add an understanding and a beneficial energy for the expansion and the growth of the soul.

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Reincarnation has been held from the populace through the years. For many secret societies did understand reincarnation. However, due to the desire to keep control factors on individuals through that of the factions of guilt and fear would withhold the fact that reincarnation is necessary for the evolution of each individual. Ye have been born before and indeed ye will be born again. Do note as well that each individual that you do encounter onto the physical reality you have met before. The individual that do sit beside you in your chair for you do choose to sit in that particular chair beside that particular individual to experience a balancing of karma, an exchange of energy or an understanding.

These choices have been made by yourself onto that of the subconscious areas. Agreement one onto the other, choices have been made. You are in control of your own reality and whether or not you would choose to incarnate into a particular lifestyle is up to your own. For there is not external force that states you must do this or you must do that. All do exist into that of choice. Each individual that you do encounter onto the chosen physical reality through agreement, these interactions do occur and the agreement that you yourself have difficulty understanding, tis those individuals that karma itself would hold the greatest effect onto the balancing factor. Indeed, we do perceive the questions that be available and would indeed open ourselves for query.

S: Thank you for being brief. We do have a number of questions. To begin with, how long does it take to come back on the average? Is it a month, a year, five years? Is there a specific time frame? And what governs this?

R: Indeed. There is no absolute. Would depend upon the individual and that which was necessary for the development of the soul. Many individuals would choose to incarnate and change their minds, if you will. Hence you do have that which is referred to by mankind as the crib death. These are individuals perhaps who do choose the interaction and then for one reason or another, did change their mind. Or perhaps they simply wanted to experience that of the crib death experience. There is no absolute. One indeed would choose to incarnate within seconds after casting off clay and yet another individual would choose perhaps 50 years, 100 years. For do understand here, from the spiritual perspective, time itself is non-existence. For time is the creation, an illusion of those that would exist on the physical world. From our perspective on the spiritual, there is no space, there is not time.

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S: So these things are all chosen?

R: Absolutely. By the individual and the choices be made at the time of incarnation, at the very moment, the very second, from your perspective.

S: Right. What is the process of the soul entering the body and when does this happen? Is there a …is it at conception? Is it at birth, physical birth?

R: Here again, would depend on the situation. There are no absolutes. For many individuals would not enter into a physical body sometimes up until three months before choices be made. Now this is not to say that of a child of three months ofttimes do not have a soul. We are referring to the totality of the soul. For, of course, soul fragmentation do exist. For the spirit must exist within an individual for life to proceed here.

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S: So they send a little bit down to check it out?

R: Indeed. Test the waters so to speak. Now this is not always the case. Sometimes at conception. Would depend upon what is necessary for the learning experience of the individual. For experience is looked upon from many different ways, many different perspectives.

S: This is dealing with what we would call life after life. Why do some people see a light possibly at the end of a tunnel, possibly are drawn to that light and then decide to come back? What dictates that choice? Is it pure choice by the individual or is it, you know, how does that equate?

R: This agreement here. For the consciousness be partly involved here as well as the subconscious areas or the spirit of the individual. When an individual does understand and does recognize or realize that something needs to be done. Perhaps they have not yet completed that which they would have chosen onto the physical world. And so therefore, they turn back through choice. The light they do perceive is the totality of the joy and the bliss that do exist on the spiritual realities. For the spiritual reality does exist in the totality of bliss, the totality of color.

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S: I see. Can we…well let’s stick on the life after life. The book “Life After Life” describes what happens to some people after they are clinically declared dead and come back. Is that what really happens in the description in that book or are there other experiences or is this up to the individual?

R: Indeed. This is up to the individual. First of all, for clarification and further references here, would find that if you will note when an individual does engage or encounter an experience of entering into the blissfulness of the spiritual reality and they do return onto the physical plane, will note here that for the most part these individuals do undergo a multitudinous of changes. Change in understanding, change in thinking and indeed change through that of the heart itself. Many individuals do perceive this as a very high spiritual experience for it is indeed. And they would view the lifetime and see that problems are that which they do create and would choose to enter back into the physical lifetime to understand further into the physical world.

S: Ok. At the time of death, is it the same pattern with everyone regardless of the quality of life that they have lived? In other words, it’s been said that some people have a difficult crossing or a difficult problem in the experience of death and yet others it’s very peaceful, very calm and serene. Is it always that way for everyone and why would someone choose it to be difficult? What’s going on there?

R: Indeed. First of all here for further clarification, each individual upon crossing would view that which be believed onto the physical lifestyle. Those that would find themselves involved in the upbringing, for example only, of a Catholic regimentation, they would view that of Christ. And yet another individual who had different remembrances would find perhaps Buddha be their familiarity. For the spiritual guides would interact with the individual to make the crossing as gentle as possible. Sometimes they are greeted by an individual that they are familiar with, perhaps a parent, a child, or a grandfather, so that the crossing be made as easy as possible.

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S: Ok. When they see…excuse me for interrupting, when they see these entities or beings, i.e., Christ, Buddha, or whatever they believe, is it, in fact, that entity or is it a representation? What is this really?

R: Tis an illusion of that entity to make their crossing as simple as possible so that fear is not part of the experience. For do understand, the individual ofttimes have fear through that of the crossing. They don’t need any more. So they would indeed be guided by their own spiritual guides for this experience.

S: So it’s the spiritual guides that take the form of whatever it is we require. So if we grew up thinking that when we die we’re going to find this guy with a long beard and a book and check our name off and let us in or not let us in, that’s what we’ll see?

R: Absolutely. For they would not give you what you don’t want to see here. They would work with you to give you what you need at the time and later you will see the truth.

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S: Can you describe that feeling or what is felt when that happens or is it completely different for everyone?

R: Indeed. Imagine, if you will, the greatest amount of enthusiasm, the greatest amount of joy, remember Christmas when you were a child, do remember the greatest sexual experience you have ever held. Put this all together and you will come close to understanding what does exist in reality.

S: That good, hey? Ok. You’ve answered that one. What is what we classify an Earth-bound spirit? Is that some entity that’s trapped here because they were bad or what’s going on there?

R: Indeed not. These, of course, are individuals that through the emotionality do find themselves caught between time and space or a fragmentation of the being, not the entire individual.

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S: So it’s a portion of…

R: A fragmentation of the personality that be held through the emotionality of family members as well as the self through that of fear, through that of anxiety, through that of guilt, or worry, or whatever emotionality that would hold difficulties onto the physical.

S: Thank you. I’ll go to one of our small books here for a couple of questions. What particular karmic connection exist for the people now looking for answers outside of traditional religion, medicine or philosophy? Is there a karmic link or connection that exists with these people?

R: Indeed. Each would hold their different karmic links. From a total perspective, these individuals have chosen to interact onto the physicality to understand the totality of judge mentalism, to understand judgements from every perspective.

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S: Ok. Is reincarnation a linear situation or can one go back in time? In other words, somebody who passed on in 1987 would they have to choose then a death ahead of 1987 or could they choose to go back in time and could you explain that process please?

R: Indeed, imagine a wheel.

S: A wheel?

R: Indeed, a wheel and in the center of this wheel does exist the soul.

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S: Like the hub of the wheel?

R: The hub of the wheel, if you will. And each lifetime or each personality do go out onto the outer rim of the wheel very similar to that of the spoke of the wheel and they would live for a certain amount of time from a to b.

S: Along the outer rim of the wheel?

R: Along the outer rim of the wheel. From their perspective or the personality’s perspective here, this would appear as linearity. Yet from the hub of the wheel, the soul looking down into or upon this would see the entire perspective and when the individual chooses to enter back into the spiritual reality perhaps would choose a lifetime into another time frame. This does not mean necessarily from your perspective to a futuristic life but from the soul’s perspective to a lifetime of the past, if you will.

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“Reflection” channeled by Donna Kinniburgh (Rainbow Lady)

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