Recognizing Messages from Your Angels

AngelAngels are continuously offering guidance, support and love by sending messages and signs through clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. Each individual has daily angelic guidance, whether he or she has specifically asked for help or not.

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Guardian angels’ divine purpose is to provide people with support, love and guidance as they make their journey through this lifetime in this earthly realm – a journey which can be extremely difficult at times given the life lessons souls set out for themselves to learn in this lifetime.

Angels are continually by our side, lovingly encouraging and acting as messengers from God; a direct connection to the Creator or Source.

The trick to achieving the highest spiritual development throughout this earthly journey lies in mastering communications with our divine counterpart. Angels provide guidance, inspiration and answers in many ways.

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Individuals receive messages through their senses by clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. Messages are also received from the outside environment through various signs given by angels. With continued practice, meditation and faith, angelic messages and communications become increasingly more clear and recognizable.


Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is one means of angelic communication, where the Angels pop images, visions or “mini movies” into one’s head.

These scenes are oftentimes symbolic, but the meaning is usually very clear to the recipient, as the angels are very keen at providing information that is easily understandable based on the person’s knowledge base and perspective.

Dreams provide a perfect mental environment for angelic communication without interference of the Ego, or Lower Self interjecting doubt or questioning validity. Divinely inspired, vivid dreams are usually accompanied with a greater understanding of the inner conflict and provide a sense of peace lovingly imparted by the angels.


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Clairaudience (clear hearing), another effective means of angelic communication, allows a person to hear angels’ messages, usually with the mental ear but sometimes the physical ear.

Short phrases or even single words will be heard, with either one’s own voice or a different voice. Oftentimes angels will pop a song into one’s head with lyrics that are particularly comforting or pertinent to the issue weighing on the person’s heart.


Clairsentience (clear feeling) refers to both the physical and emotional feelings we receive. Angels communicate with people through clairsentience in a number of ways.

For example, angels can impress upon an individual a wave of emotions to help that person understand how another individual is feeling at a particular moment so that we can provide healing messages to the individual.

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Our guardian angels may wrap their majestic and loving wings around our shoulders, impressing the loving warmth and secure feeling on us to the extent that an all-over-body shiver ensues.

They may also just give a gentle brush across the person’s face with a feather, which causes the person to acknowledge to soft touch and heartwarming feeling that accompanies the feather touch.


Claircognizance (clear knowing) allows the angel’s thought and feeling, the bigger picture, to enter the person’s mind with such clarity that a general knowingness is felt and understood.

Each of these means of communication can be refined with practice and meditation. However, how do the angels catch the attention of those who haven’t yet begun actively seeking out communications with their angels?

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Without an invitation for active communication and intervention, Angels provide more subtle messages and communications through intuition, thoughts (both of which fall under the claircognizance category even if not recognized as such) and signs.

Remember that it is music to the angels’ ears hearing humanly requests for assistance and acknowledgment of their presence. They will joyously provide whatever level of communication, inspiration and divine intervention their human counterparts desire – all that is needed is to ASK!

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