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Universal energies

Recharging Your Batteries by Drawing on Universal Energies

Universal energiesLife can be so draining. Work, family, chores, bills, responsibilities—it’s no big surprise that you can find yourself feeling weary and sapped of your strength before the day is half over.

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Whenever you are feeling that you are running low on juice, remember that there is a world around you that can help re-empower you.

You can draw energies directly from nature to help you get through until you have a chance to get proper rest. The next time you feel like you’re running on empty, try some of these exercises.

Earth Energies

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The energies of the Earth are strong and stable. They can help you pull yourself together and get you through the long haul.

Go outdoors to some grassy spot. Envision yourself as having a tap root, like a plant does. This tap root should come from the center of your body—that place that is in the center of your body, roughly between the base of your spine and your abdomen.

Close your eyes and envision that tap root going down into the Earth, drawing up all of those nurturing, stable energies. You might even envision that you have a “power meter” or “loading bar” that is slowly but steadily filling.

The Trees

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You can turn to the trees for a quick energy jolt that will calm a distressed mind. Put your hands on the tree and draw it out—or be an actual tree hugger. A healthy tree has far more energy than it needs, and it constantly recharges itself so it’s perfectly safe for you to borrow some energy from the tree.

If you wish, you can give back to the tree by giving it some fertilizer or water on a dry day.

The Air

Air is the best element to draw energies from if you need to sharpen your mind, focus and think more clearly. The best way to draw energy from air is to go somewhere breezy and stand in the wind. Just spread your legs and arms apart slightly, throw your head back and let it blast you. Not only will you absorb the much needed energies from it, but as a bonus it also acts as a spiritually cleansing agent.

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Another way to get energy from air when you can’t get outdoors is to spend a few minutes with your eyes closed just focusing on your breath. Feel that energy filling you more and more with each breath you take in.


Water is the ultimate emotional healer. If you’re drained because you are depressed, hurt or let down, water can wash some of that away and offer you nurturing energies to heal and sooth you. Ideally you should be able to jump into the ocean, but that is unlikely for most people, especially in the course of the work day.

Instead, try washing your face, or focusing on water’s healing energies as you have a drink.

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The element of fire gives us energy and vitality, and can be a great way to rekindle your passions and inspiration when you feel you’re running low. You don’t have to have access to a camp fire or even a fireplace to use fire to recharge you.

You can use the sun—the biggest, most convenient ball of fire in our neck of the woods. Alternatively, if you can’t go outdoors, or if it’s nighttime—use a candle.

All you need to do is absorb the warmth. Heat is energy—so just take it in through your very skin.

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Why go through the day feeling so drained? There are power sources everywhere where you can get a quick refill—just look around for them.

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