Recently deceased 127-year-old man reveals the secret of longevity

Natabay Tinsiev
In East Africa, in the country of Eritrea, a man died, who, according to official figures, turned 127 years old.

At the same time, the relatives of the long-liver argue that in fact, Natabai Tinsiev was even older and he was already 137 years old. They consider him to be the oldest person on the planet, reports the Daily Mail.

According to church records, Natabay Tinsiev was born 127 years ago in a distant mountain village. Zere Natabay, the man’s grandson, told that the records say about the year of his grandfather’s baptism.

In fact, he was born in 1884, and the church record indicates that he was baptized at the age of ten. The reason for this was that priests then practically did not have the opportunity to travel to such remote villages and some parents could wait for a baptismal ceremony for their children for more than one year.

Before his death, Tinsiev shared with his grandson his secret of longevity. He noted that patience, joy and generosity should play the most important role in all this and in life in general. Negative emotions destroy absolutely everything and make life shorter.

The journalists noted that the local priest really confirms the presence of a record directly talking about the baptism of an African long-liver.

The relatives of the deceased have already submitted an application to the Guinness Book of Records for Tinsiev to be officially recognized as the oldest person on Earth.

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