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Real Unexplained Phenomenon: Phone Calls From The Dead

Phone calls from the dead are also known as “Phantom Calls.” You may be asking yourself what this is. It simply is as it sounds. The dead reaching out to communicate with their loved ones via telephone, cellphone, text, and other communicating devices.

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In our world where many things are as strange as fiction, this phenomenon continues to be among one of the strangest, unexplained, hair-raising occurrences of them all. But fiction? Maybe not.

Since Alexander Graham Bell first invented the apparatice known as the telephone in 1876, this phenomenon has made its way into the grey areas of the supernatural or paranormal, and countless stories continue to surface, concerning the dearly departed and phone messages from beyond.

Phone calls from the dead are believed to be another form of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), in which the voices of the deceased can transmit through various means of electronic devices, through static (produced by random multiple electrical and magnetic sources ) or “White Noise.”

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Most of these devices are used as conduits by the spirits as “communication lines” between both the physical and spiritual world.

Why Contact The Living?

Love knows no time, boundaries, nor limitations beyond the veil, or so it is presumed. And since it is assumed that we retain our emotions after death, with love being the strongest emotion of all (next to hate), it might help explain the motivating force that would compel the deceased to contact a loved one.

Perhaps to send one last farewell before moving on to the next level of existence.

The Usual Case Scenario

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The phone rings. The recipient picks up the phone but is unable to perceive anything discernible on the other end of the line, perhaps only static, garbled sounds, or a faint voice that breaks up intermittently, as though the call were coming from some remote location.

But in other circumstances the calls are loud and clear, as if the caller was in the next room. And in this case, he or she probably is only the recipient just can’t see them.

In the most common of cases, the recipient will think it is nothing more than a bad connection and hang up. But if, by chance, they do recognize the voice of the caller and the significance of the call, it can be a terrifying experience and leave the recipient quite shaken, or for those who welcome the call, saddened or joyous.

Voice mail works the same way only messages are imprinted into the phone and can be preserved and analyzed. Text messages work in a similar fashion only the delivery is atypical because the “ghostly author” sends out a written message.

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What makes these phone calls unique are the time lines involved and the source of their origin. Phantom calls generally occur within the first minutes, hours or days after the death of a loved one. In some instances these calls transpire many years later or on special anniversaries or holidays.

In typical cases the calls come from an undetermined source and cannot be located, but curiously enough, they also come from the phone of the deceased long after the battery has expired, or after the phone was buried with the deceased, and even after the phone was destroyed or services shut off. That’s quite spooky when you think about it.

What’s in a Message?

Often only one word or a phrase will be spoken. Many messages that come through seem to have a common theme of love or a message that brings comfort and hope for the living: I love you, I’m OK, I’m always with you, or Don’t worry about me, are common phrases.

Messages of warnings serve to protect with single words or phrases like: “Be careful,” or “Danger.” These calls usually come prior to an accident or a dangerous episode in a person’s life.

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If you find this a bit disturbing, ridiculous, or inconceivable, consider the following stories, then decide for yourself.

The Real Story Of The Enduring Spirit and Power of Love

On September 12th, 2008, numerous lives came to a crashing halt as a Metrolink commuter train # 111, carrying 225 passengers, collided head-on with a Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth, California.

At the time it seemed inconceivable that such a disaster could happen, but it did. When the story hit TV screens across the U.S. it made its way into our hearts with sadness and trepidation, as the death toll began to rise along with the smoke from the twisted wreckage.

When the final story concluded, the death toll stood at 25, along with 135 injured, many seriously. It took firefighters nearly a whole day to recover all of the bodies. And for those who waited for word of their loved ones, time would seem like an eternity.

Charles Peck
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Charles Peck, aged 49, of Salt Lake City, was one of the unfortunate passengers who perished in the Metrolink crash on September 12, 2008. The handsome father of two beautiful sons, C.J. 22, and Daniel 18, was on his way to meet his fiancée Andrea Katz when the accident took place. Andrea was on her way to pick up Charles at the Moorpark station when she heard about the crash.

The Peck family, who lived in the Los Angeles area, gathered together and waited for any good news about Charles. And as they waited, one by one, their phones began ringing. The caller Id showed it was coming from Charles’ phone.

His fiancée, son, brother, sister, and step-mother each received calls from Charles. When they answered the phone, they were each met by static and indistinct sounds. His son C.J. yelled into the phone, “Hang in there, they are coming to get you,” and “We love you.”

When they tried calling him back, their calls went straight to voice mail, they could not seem to reach Charles directly. Strangely enough, the calls kept coming in, and each time, static was the only sound on the other end of the line. All together, family members would receive 35 calls from Charles’ phone.

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Through Friday night and into Saturday morning, as firefighters worked tirelessly to rescue those trapped inside of the wreckage, the family believed that Charles was alive but trapped somewhere inside the debris.

When firefighters heard that Andrea had received a call from Charles, they were also hopeful and were able to trace the calls back to the first car of the train in which Peck was traveling in.

While the family waited and held out hope, the phone calls finally ceased by 3:28 a.m. One hour later, Peck’s body was recovered from the rubble; his phone, however, was never recovered.

The family was devastated. Words cannot describe the shock and pain they must have felt upon hearing the news. Later Coroner officials told the family that Charles had died instantly. He had been seated in the first passenger car when the accident occurred.

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The Metrolink’s engine car was so badly damaged it ended up being shoved all the way back into the the first passenger car. Later when the family thought back on the events that followed the crash, his son C.J. said: “I think it’s a message from my dad, letting us know he is not suffering.”

So the question waiting to be answered, and perhaps never will be is…did Charles Peck make a phone call from the afterlife? There are many who are skeptical about this story and others like it.

The possibility of the dead reaching out to the living by means of cell phones or other communicating devices seem too far-fetched to fathom. But to those who believe this is possible, and for those who have experienced this extraordinary phenomenon firsthand, no amount of contradiction or attempts to discredit will change their minds.

This story, as devastating as it is, also gives hope to many advocates of the afterlife, researchers in the fields of science, religion, and the paranormal. You might be asking yourself how can a story like this give hope to so many?

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Unfortunately, while Charles Peck passed away and will obviously be remembered for many reasons by his family and friends, this amazing man will also be recalled for his incredible determination after death.

He achieved the unimaginable. He managed to reach beyond the fabric of time and space, slice through it with such resolve, and prove to his family that he was still living, albeit in a new spiritual form, and that his love for them endured, even after his physical death.

The Wife Who Texted From The Grave

After the death of his wife Sadie at 69, Frank Jones, 59, of Blackpool, England, felt anxious about stepping in his own home because he started receiving missed calls on his cell phone. That in itself was not strange, what was odd was that the caller Id showed the calls were coming from his own land line home phone while nobody was there.

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With much consternation and dread, Frank entered his home and caught the familiar scent of his wife’s perfume and cigarette smoke in the air.

Apparently this was not the first time Frank had a run-in with the ghostly world, in previous years his home was invaded by poltergeist activity and had to be exorcised when it was discovered a spirit dubbed, “The Thing,” was causing mayhem in the home.

So soon after his Jones’ wife and son Steven passed away, his home became the epicenter of activity once more. One night as he lay in bed a hazy shadow moved across the room sending Frank into a panic.

He was paralyzed with fear and unable to cry out. There were also other odd occurrences and the distinct echo of footsteps going up the stairs, which was quite unsettling.

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And just when he thought things could not get any stranger, Frank’s daughter Maureen, 31, began receiving cryptic text messages on her new mobile phone from a mystery phone with no Id.

Both Frank and his daughter had their doubts at first, but then later began suspecting it might his late wife because of the nature of the messages themselves.

Frank recalled how when Sadie was alive, she was very excited about the new mobile phone she purchased. She began working the functions and managed to learn how to text on the phone. But she never quite figured out how to add spaces between words, so in her usual messages, the words would run together looking like one long word.

This often amused Frank and his daughter, Maureen, who mentioned she should learn how to put spaces between the words, but Sadie would just grin, that didn’t seem to bother her one bit.

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That phone became very important to Sadie and she never went anywhere without it, in fact, after she died of a heart attack, a devastated Frank lovingly laid the phone in her casket and told her she would be needing it, then buried his beloved wife with her phone, never expecting the unexpected.

So when Maureen showed up at her father’s house, and checked her phone, she noticed more messages and strange words that ran together, along with unknown information that only the family knew. They put two and two together and realized that Sadie had figured out how to contact her family from beyond.

The messages ceased abruptly after the phone was damaged. When Maureen told her father about it, they were both saddened, but while they were discussing what happened, the land line in Franks house suddenly began ringing.

Maureen answered it and what she heard was a distinct woman’s voice saying, “Goodbye.” The line went dead. Frank at last said his final farewell to his wife. After that the calls ceased, but the memories of Sadie and those SMS messages would forever stay with them.

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So it seems the spirit of Sadie was indeed tenacious enough that she would not allow even death to come between her family and her treasured phone. Sadie Jones’ story is another incredible account of communication between the living and the deceased, and perhaps proves that the bond of love cannot be broken, even beyond the grave.


Spirit ESP-Telepathy-Phychokenisis Theory

Some experts in the field of Parapsychology believe Extrasensory perception (ESP) (the ability to obtain unknown information outside of the physical senses ), Telepathy (the ability to transfer thoughts, feelings, or images beyond the physical senses), or Psykokenisis (PK) (the ability to move physical matter by the power of the mind ) explains how these messages are sent and received.

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Some individuals possess these abilities to certain degrees and are able to receive or send messages during times of stress or crisis, unconsciously. These experts believe the power of the mind is at work here and not spiritual entities.

The person receiving the message sends out stress signals unconsciously, then through the power of PK or telekinesis, is able to manipulate the physical (phone or other device) through the power of their mind, thus sending back messages from themselves to themselves, believing it to be from the afterlife.

Other ESP And Telepathy Theories

While other experts in the field of the supernatural do believe that ESP and PK play an integral part in communication from beyond, they tend to disagree with the theories listed above and would instead ascertain that entities or spirits of the deceased pick up on our subconscious thoughts or vibrations, and are able to project messages back to us via ESP or Telepathy, to an individual who is said to possess “Sensitive,” “Telepathic,” or “Psychic” abilities.

The spiritual are capable of reaching us no matter if we are sensitive or not. They employ a more blatant approach through the manipulation of modern apparatuses to reach us.

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Another theory is that the spiritual involved are not really “The Dearly Departed” but in fact lower-level entities known as demons or non-human entities, who set out to play pranks on the living.

In Conclusion

These stories, as incredible as they may seem, surpasses all understanding and continue to inspire, amaze, frighten, and possibly give hope to those who grieve, to those who want to believe, and to those who are one step closer to the end of this physical life as we know it.

For the skeptic, or to those who will never believe in the concept of “Life After Death,” and communication from the afterlife, these accounts serve as nothing more than supernatural tales and no valid proof of life beyond the physical death.

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Perhaps we will never know for certain if these accounts are valid. But on the other hand, if they are, maybe we can draw hope from the significance or veritable meaning behind these amazing and timeless stories.

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