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Real Story Of The Haunting Of The Henry Gehm

Henry Gehm died at the hospital, but his ghost seems to have returned to his home on Plant Avenue. The Gehm house, located in Webster Grove just outside of Saint Louis was Gehm’s residence from 1906 until 1944.

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Gehm was a rather strange man who kept to himself for the most part and was rumored to have hidden gold coins at secret locations around the house. Gehm’s behavior seems to have been the result of his living thru the great depression, he wanted to keep his money close at hand.

The paranormal activity began in 1956 when the Gehm house was purchased by the Furry family. A peaceful period after the Furrys moved into the house didn’t last long and soon strange things started to happen.

On several occasions Mrs Furry was shaken awake at exactly 2:00 am by invisible hands and once she was jolted out of her sleep by incredibly loud hammering sounds. It sounded to her as if someone was destroying the headboard of her bed but when she turned on the lights the headboard was unharmed and the hammering stopped.

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Years passed and the haunting continued with phenomena such as pounding on windows without any apparent cause and the sound of footsteps that could be heard at all times of night and day.

The family had a lot invested in Gehm house and had no intentions of leaving their home because of the strange but seemingly harmless activity. That all changed one morning when the Furry’s 3-year-old daughter ask “Who is the lady in black?”


It seems the little girl was being visited by the apparition of an old lady wearing a black dress. The 3-year-old went on to say that the old woman was accompanied by a young boy which she held by the hand. With their daughter now being affected by the ghostly activity the Furrys decided it was time to move.

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The Gehm house did not stay empty for long and by November of 1965 a new family had moved in. The Walsh family knew nothing of the homes ghostly history but soon experience it for themselves.

It started with the footsteps which sounded heavy, like a man walking. The spirit seemed to move thru the house as if it were searching for something. Then one evening Mrs Walsh was making dinner when the family dog began to act strange.

As she looked around to see what might be causing the dogs odd behavior she saw something in the doorway leading into the living room. A shimmering white haze in the shape of an adult human which she saw briefly before it moved slightly and vanished.

Then there was the attic door that would be found wide open even after being securely closed and the rearranging of items stored in the attic.

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In early 1966 Mrs Walsh spoke with a neighbor about the history of Gehm house. It was the neighbor that told her about Henry Gehm and his habit of hiding gold coins around the home. The Walsh family eventually moved, leaving behind what is believed to be the ghost of Henry Gehm who is apparently searching the house for his hidden treasure.

As for the ghost of the old lady in black and the young boy, they remain a mystery. It may be that they are the ghosts of Gehm’s wife and son or the boy may be Gehm’s grandson who died in the house at age 6.

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