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Real-life Donnie Darko: Man experiences a never-ending Déjà Vu

A greatly bizarre déjà vu cases which was recorded about a man who was trapped in an eternal time loop. This person has been through a never-ending déjà vu and his condition reached a stage when he avoided watching television, listening to the radio and reading newspapers because he felt he saw all of it all before”.

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This British man who experienced never-ending déjà vu for the last eight years of his life attracted scientists due to the fact that no one before had heard of a similar case. What could cause a person to be trapped in an eternal time loop?

Doctors from the UK, France and Canada examined the man who was 23-year-old at the time. He first experienced the sensation in 2007, shortly after he started university.

It soon became clear that the man did not exhibit any of the other neurological conditions usually associated with those who suffer from déjà vu.

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Dr Chris Moulin, a cognitive neuropsychologist at the University of Bourgogne who worked on the study, says the man had a history of depression and anxiety, and had once taken the drug LSD whilst at university, but was otherwise completely healthy.

He stated the following about the man’s condition:

“This man was striking because he was young, otherwise aware, but completely traumatized by this constant sensation that his mind was playing tricks,” he says.

For minutes, and sometimes even longer, the patient would feel that he was reliving experiences.

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He likened the “frightening” episodes to being in the psychological thriller film Donnie Darko.

“There was one instance where he went to get a haircut. As he walked in, he got a feeling of déjà vu. Then he had déjà vu of the déjà vu. He couldn’t think of anything else,” says Dr Moulin.

Brain scans appeared normal, suggesting the cause was psychological rather than neurological.

Whilst this case on its own does not prove a link between anxiety and déjà vu it raises an interesting question for further study”

deja vu

What Causes Déjà Vu?

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This remains as an unexplained condition. No one was able to give a clear statement of a cause.

Déjà vu happens mostly to young people, but a number of older people have also reported the sensational feeling of seeing or experiencing something before.

Dr. Akira O’Connor, a psychologist from the University of St Andrews, believes that in most cases it is a momentary “misfiring” of neurons in the brain which creates false connections. This came in his statement below:

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“One idea is that déjà vu is a sort of ‘brain twitch’. Just as we get muscle spasms, or eye twitches, it could be that the bit of your brain which sends signals to do with familiarity and memory is firing out of turn,” he says.

Dr. O’Connor says this matches with evidence that déjà vu is more likely experienced by people with epilepsy and dementia.

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