Real ‘Hand of God’ appears in the sky over Brazil?

In the night of Thursday (01/09) many people saw a cloud in the shape of a mysterious hand in the towns of Asunción and Juazeirinho, Paraíba Cariri region of Brazil.

Residents took photographs of the rare sky phenomenon just before the ‘hand’ fell apart.

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Several residents posted the curious picture on social networks, whereby one resident said “Look how beautiful, the hand of God is always stretched out for us”.

Interestingly, these days the sky of this Brazil region was without clouds and very clear.

Many residents were very impressed by the mysterious phenomenon in the sky. Some even thought that this hand was a sign from the divine.

“I really hope that this hand does not mark the beginning of any war or tragedy”, one resident of Asunción wrote.

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  1. Thats just a cloud form hand wtf is this people.

  2. There is no point about arguing if its a foto shop or a false picture but d truth is dat God is real ad God is everywhere so d earlier u accept him d beta for u.u not actually doing anybody gud by accepting him but rather u helping ur self into international life….

  3. That is pretty pathetic. And for those that keep saying god is real, if you have to keep telling everyone that something is real, it isn’t.

  4. Even in the days of Jesus,there were doubting Thomas,s
    Remember no one comes to God lest he draw him, there are the sheep and the goats, the sheep follow Jesus wherever he goes,the goats follow the world!

  5. The Bible is

  6. indeed our Most high God is coming soon now let’s prepare

  7. No “hand of god”, because, well, you’d first need a ‘god’. There isn’t.

    • Have to believe and have faith. All answers are in the Bible. Read it and Love God be is our creator

    • Tell me how you can explain those magics in real life? how you can explain Unique creatures? the bible? why it is exist? and how your life began in a world full of secrets, full of happiness, etc. Even scientist can’t explain where are we came from?.

    • You’re telling me this is 100% legit, but there’s no video proof? Anyone could’ve made that photo in under 5 minutes with any editing software. Dude that made both comments you quoted is probably the same dude that “took the photo.”

  8. God is real some would say how do you believe in something or someone you can’t see or here,and I will tell them this,I am a living miracle,been blessed,yes I worship a God that I can’t see,but I feel his presence in my life,and that’s all I need.

    • “”….I feel his presence in my life,and that’s all I need”.

      And therein lies the problem with religion, and believing on faith. It’s just an emotion, with no basis in fact. Time to wake up.

    • Public should take noted all kind of sicknesses will come to the world because people trying our Creator but Wise will save? But if you believed on Jesus Christ can save you

  9. God is Real and Alive the right hand of God is upon us visible art in the sky’s.Angel clouds are real angels I’ve over my house and God pointing his finger on tv in Atlanta behind a news man channel two…

    • Yes I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and yes I truly believe that that was the hand of God watch Oba Brazil and all over the world letting us know that he’s protecting us from all harm and evil a danger and that he Carol’s for us when no one else does yes I do believe in the almighty Lord Jesus Christ amen

    • Michael is sad that u don’t know God for yourself. One day u will believe in God & call on His help. Now u wake up.

  10. Looks like photo shopped

    • I said the same thing. The lighting makes no sense.

    • I know what I see EVERY DAY,I believe in GOD in his PRAYERS,thy will be DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN,NONE OF WHAT IS GOING ON,ON EARTH IS GOING ON IN HEAVEN,I know man because I see and hear it EVERY DAY,The one and only one GOD I don’t see,is the ONE the ONLY one who keeps on BLESSING ME,AMEN

  11. Damn it sure is little. I thought he had the whole world in his hand. Damn. They lied😁😁😆🤣😁😀😀

  12. The two pictures on my site are both real. One is of Christ appearing in the sky over Sulphur, Louisiana in 2017 and the other is of the Virgin Mary appearing in numerous photos take by my cousin in Medjugorje in 1987.

  13. Is the hand of divine blessing amen

  14. God is wonderful

    • “God is wonderful”
      You mean the same ‘wonderful god’ who the bible says killed everyone in a flood because they didn’t bow down to him?
      The same ‘wonderful god’ who turned a woman into a pillar of salt because she turned around to see her city burning?
      The same ‘wonderful god’ who lets children die of horrific diseases?
      The same ‘wonderful god’ who ordered the first-born of Egypt to be killed?
      The same ‘wonderful god’ who ordered the women of Samaria to be slaughtered and babies “ripped from the womb, and dashed to the ground”?
      That same ‘wonderful god’?

  15. Come on, that’s clearly the hand of Hitler.

  16. You sound like a Christian shut up

  17. Richard.Ndubuisi.Ndubuisi

    • Put that hand over Australia. 🙏🏼

    • “The…”
      Yea, we’ve been hearing that for a couple thousand years now. I think you need a dictionary, not a bible. Try looking up the word “soon”. It obviously doesn’t mean what you think it does.

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