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Crystal child

Raising a Crystal Child: What Parents of Crystals Need to Know

Crystal childSince the beginning of this century, more and more children have been born with distinctive ‘crystal’ auras. These auras are not actually crystal or clear, but opalescent and unlike any that have ever existed before.

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These children have been dubbed Crystal children, and it’s believed that they’re here to help us with the transition to a higher stage of human evolution.

Raising a Crystal is an awesome responsibility and can be an amazing experience. If you’ve got a Crystal child, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


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Crystal children are very unique—they’re unlike any humans who have existed before. Because this can baffle most people, they’re often diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Crystal children are very unique—they’re unlike any humans who have existed before.

It’s not that there really is anything wrong with them; they just don’t fit in with the status quo. Usually, if you take the time to really understand and respond to the needs of a Crystal child, you’ll find that ‘different’ doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘bad’.

Parents who have Crystal children are urged to consult with holistic doctors who are open to alternative treatments and not rush to medicate and “normalize” children. Sometimes the conventional medicine treatments doesn’t really do the child any good in the long run.

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Indigo children are extremely sensitive to their environment—noises, chemicals, strong scents, rough fabrics, etc. can have a profound impact on them. For any child, it’s generally a good choice to feed children a somewhat wholesome, natural diet, to use ‘green’ products that are non-toxic and non-irritants and to create a peaceful environment.

For Crystal children, it’s particularly important. Their delicate systems are so perceptive to everything that they are easily thrown out of whack.


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One of the most difficult things you might find at first with your Crystal child is communication. This is because they don’t generally communicate the same way everyone else does—we communicate with our brains and mouths and gestures. They are evolved new souls; they communicate in a more pure fashion: empathically, psychically, soul-to-soul.

Try not to get frustrated if it seems your Crystal is not listening to you, or not responding to you. She is—just not the way you would expect. Try to open yourself up to her style of communication; she will guide you and you can learn from her.


Being new souls, Crystals need a lot of nurturing and protection. They’re also extremely sensitive, so overly-stern methods of parenting can just make them depressed and withdrawn. You don’t have to go too far to get your point across with them.

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Attachment Parenting (AP) has been quite effective with Crystal children. AP is instinctive parenting in which the adult focuses on the child and takes cues from her, building a foundation of trust and empathy.

Note that AP does not mean permissive parenting— even Crystal children need to learn boundaries, but often just letting them know you’re unhappy with their behavior is enough to discourage it. The focus should be on positive and negative reinforcement; yelling and spanking are discouraged.


Alternative forms of education are generally advisable for Crystal children. Homeschooling, cyber schools, experimental private or charter schools are all options that should be considered by the parent.

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Public schools can give varying success rates, depending on the school, but are often simply too overwhelming for a Crystal child. If your child has difficulty coping in public school, and you can’t exercise any other option, special education classes with teachers trained to deal with children on the autism spectrum is your best option.

When it comes down to it, schooling is really going to be irrelevant, education-wise. Crystals are going to soak up information through their experiences and through interactions with others, like little super-absorbent sponges. The real goal is to put them in an environment that is not going to make them turn inward and shy away from the world.

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