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Rain of fish fell over the Iranian city Yasuj

In the midst of a heavy downpour a few days ago, the city of Yasuj in Iran bore witness to an unusual occurrence as fish began to descend from the sky.

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Captured in a video circulating online, the surreal sight shows fish plummeting from above and landing with a splash on the asphalt amidst parked cars.

The footage also features a man seizing the moment, catching one of the falling fish, and presenting it to the camera.

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While the concept of fish raining from the sky may seem fantastical, scientists shed light on the phenomenon’s origins. This natural spectacle, while not unprecedented, is attributed to the forces of nature rather than supernatural intervention.

Researchers have delved into the mechanics behind such events, revealing that fish rain typically occurs in conjunction with waterspouts or tornadoes.

As these powerful weather phenomena traverse over bodies of water, they engender a vortex that can sweep up marine life along with lighter objects like frogs, turtles, and even crabs.

Driven by the tornado’s force, these creatures are lifted into the sky, where they remain suspended until the winds diminish. Subsequently, as the wind velocity wanes, the airborne inhabitants are released, descending back to earth with the ensuing rainwater.

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While the spectacle of fish raining from the sky may defy conventional expectations, the scientific explanation provides a rational insight into this unusual occurrence.

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