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Quick FAQ About Extraterrestrial Life

Extraterrestrials have been a part of people’s fantasies, dreams and fears for centuries and even millenniums, since nearly all ancient cultures made references to invaders from space.

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There are films, books and series about green little creatures that conduct experiments in humans, but how much of this is real and not mere fantasy? Here is a brief explanation about the various theories on extraterrestrial life.

Do Aliens Exist?

Although nothing has been proven, many people argue that in such a vast universe with billions and billions of planets and galaxies, it is statistically unlikely that Earth is the only inhabited planet.

Many cultures around the world include extraterrestrial life in their folklore and set of beliefs, such as Hinduism. Some believe that the fact that these stories make reference to aliens may indicate that those cultures had contact with extraterrestrials in the past.

Are There Extraterrestrials Among Humans?

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Many studies suggest that there are aliens living on Earth in human bodies. This vision is shared by many different belief systems and cultures.

Read Are There Aliens Living on Earth to learn more about this theory.

Are There Different Kinds of Extraterrestrials?

With so many galaxies and planets, it’s hard to imagine only one type of extraterrestrial. Due to different climates, historical contexts, type of evolution and genetic source, there can be many different kinds of aliens.

Grey aliens

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However, there are those kinds that interact more often with humans, they are:

Greys – The classic big headed alien with skinny body and huge eyes, height may vary. They are said to be servants of other kinds of extraterrestrials and they are probably genetically manipulated.

Nordics – Blond and blue-eyed beautiful beings that can be very tall. Some say they are related to the mythical creatures of the Nordic folklore.

Reptiloids – Descendants of the reptilians, genetically modified.

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Draconians – These are the aliens that are responsible for genetic manipulation in different races of extraterrestrials. They are said to be the dominators that have subjected many other planets to their rules.

They appear in the myths and legends of many different cultures under different names and some believe that Draconians have lived among humans before.

What are the Kinds of Alien Abduction?

Many different types of abduction have been reported. According to the victims, people can be taken to a flying saucer in their own bodies or only their astral body is taken, usually while they are sleeping.

The latter are more common and due to their characteristics, they are hard to be proven and usually taken as a nightmare or psychological problems. With no physical evidence of such abductions, they remain in the field of speculation, however, the effects on the victims can be observable.

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Through hypnosis different victims from different parts of the world were able to remember details in common even though these people had never met each other, indicating that there’s more to be understood and researched about alien abduction cases.

Victims that claim to have been abducted in their own bodies can sometimes provide physical evidence such as skin burns, injuries, cuts, scars and small metallic objects under the skin, but there’s no way to prove that these burns and cuts were not self-inflicted in order to simulate an abduction and due to the great amount of fraudulent information, skepticism is necessary.

It’s important to point out that the fact that some people do forge abductions does not mean that some others cannot be real.

Are Extraterrestrials Evil?

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There’s no such thing as good or evil. From the animal’s standpoint, humans are evil, as humans kill and eat animals and conduct scientific experiments with them, while humans believe this isn’t a problem at all.

People who believe that they have been abducted often report painful experiences but this does not mean that aliens are necessarily evil creatures.

If humans had the chance to visit other planets, they certainly would want to obtain samples and conduct experiments, and this experimentation and sampling could potentially cause discomfort to alien life forms.

Can Aliens Contact Humans?

Theoretically, it’s believed that aliens can contact humans. The kind of contact may be through signals emitted to space that can be picked up by specific equipment or even softwares on Earth, such as the SETI@home project, an experiment that analyzes radio signals from space through a program that can be downloaded to any computer.

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There is also the possibility of making contact through Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), a technique which uses random phonemes and specific softwares to establish a communication. Read How to Contact Aliens – ITC to learn more about Instrumental Transcommunication and extraterrestrials.

Some say that aliens can also make contact through telepathy and channeling. Although it is not impossible, given the different communication skills that extraterrestrials might have, without ways to prove it right or wrong, it still remains a matter of belief.

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