Quarantined people began to have very strange dreams

sleep paralysisIn social networks, discussions erupted that many people began to see very strange and disturbing dreams. They were before, but on self-isolation became more frequent at times.

According to people, they see terrible wars, the murders of their relatives and the experiments that doctors conduct on them.

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Every day the number of stories increases: in quarantine, people began to analyze their dreams more often and carefully.

Erin Graveley from San Francisco has created a website idreamofcovid.com where she posts all her strange dreams, as well as the dreams of other people who turned out to be very strange.

Many of these visions are anxiety dreams: being chased, being unexpectedly nude, being unable to locate something you desperately need to find. Some are pure, garbled nonsense.

Others grapple with the particular terrors of the Covid-19 pandemic, like unscrupulous doctors tricking people into taking hydroxychloroquine or unsuspecting people catching the virus from the pages of a book.

Regardless of content, almost all posts about coronavirus dreams wind up at the same place: Weird, commenters say, I’m having crazy dreams, too.

Twitter teems with thousands more #pandemicdreams and #covidnightmares, and so does Reddit.

Experts noted that nightmares are a completely normal reaction of the body to stress. It is at night that the brain processes the information received during the day, which is why such dreams arise.

Also, there is a theory that supposedly in a dream, in a safe environment, a person experiences various scenarios of the future.

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