Pyramids discovered in Russia twice as old as Egyptian

Pyramids found by archaeologists on the Kola peninsula prove the existence of an ancient civilization on the territory of Russia.

Currently, archaeological excavations near the pyramids, which, according to preliminary estimates, are at least two times older than the Egyptian ones, have been resumed on the Kola Peninsula.

Scientists who made an expedition to these places, believe that the Kola peninsula may be the ancestral home of the most ancient civilization on Earth. A weighty argument for this hypothesis is the pyramids discovered by scientists and huge stone slabs created 9000-40000 years ago.

Interestingly, all the pyramids are positioned clearly in the direction of East-West. It also turned out that the pyramids were rebuilt three times by ancient people, each time increasing them in height.

The question remains open – who could build these structures?

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  1. Back then people captured other lands and they became slaves and had to work. There was no TV,radio, or internet so they had to find something for them to do. Build pyramids.

  2. You find these formations all over icy areas – either in high mountains or in polar regions like Kola. You can also find them in areas which were recently glaciated such as the Faroe Islands. Nothing unusual about them.

  3. These formations appear to be natural mountains carved by Ice Age glacial ice. Link to some detailed geology and evidence. Great claims require great evidence.

  4. The earth was a fifth dkmensional planet fifty million years ago, its gravity and density was 10 times lower then it is now, Its distance was from the galaxtic core is 10 times more now then it was 59 million years ago, Before materials was easily moved by only thought orocess onlt by founder fathers of our galaxy and was diwnloaded to earth to prevent earth catastrophe of flooding due to niburu pass by through our solar system, this pyramids are located at the predesigned laylines and grid around the earth to prevents to rotate the crust of earth due to magnetic pull of niburu pass over in every 13000 years

  5. Those of you who are assuming that mankind was only Neanderthal man at this era … science has shown that there were several versions of man all living in the same time zone …as for stone age not even invention of wheel .. there has been an iron pick axe unearthed in 400 million year old rock , so explain away ..
    Life on this planet has been wiped out 5 times that we know of .. it is possible that even highly advanced cultures equal too or greater than our present evolution could have existed in the past

  6. Please look carefully.
    Neither the pyramids … nor the natural formation. Can’t you see it is a former open-cast mine ??? You can still see excavator tracks

  7. It would be interesting to see what artifacts come from this place, these definitely are not natural formations, very odd more photos of the area have not been presented

  8. Where is the Grid Reference? I’d like to go through google earth take a look. I know the image will be ropey , none the less I’d like to see ? Might be Putins Bolt Hole. . ;)

    • obviously you got a bolt hole fetish but that ok it acceptable in your western world but not in Russia. Stop projecting your perversion on other

  9. I’d like to see more about the findings around these pyramids such as artifacts that show there was once a civilization here.. Egypt has said artifacts.. where are the ones to support these structures?

  10. I”m always sceptical about reports which contain phrases like “positioned clearly in the direction of East-West”…since these are three dimensional objects, I’m assuming that they also had faces positioned clearly in the direction of north-south. It’s this kind of meaningless nonsense that casts doubt on reports like this.

  11. How did they only just now “find” these? They look pretty hard to miss to me!

    Also, I already has seen articles about if you connect the parts of the world where pyramids have been found/built, there’s a big conspiracy about it or something. If you add this location to that map, would it help to prove or disprove that theory? 🤔

  12. Unless you declare, where is it located exactly, provide us its GooglePin-spots/coordinates, and then if found true, only then it may be believed, till then – this news sounds bogus, humbug.

    So provide us Google details, thanks, Cheers.

    • You seem to lack any knowledge of the time frame, the tools available, the scientific, anthropological or archeological research. As well, just because you can’t fathom how they were built, doesn’t mean that they were not built by humans. This article has no sources listed, a brief online search brought up zero hits and the erosion that is shown in these pictures is identical to that which you would find from sedimentary (note the striations) rock deposits thar have eroded over millennia. It is more likely that these “pyramids” are naturally occurring within the geography of the area.

  13. one thing is for sure. the pyramids were not build by people who had no tools, no wheel, no technology. and clad only in Mammoth furs…

  14. So far as I know, there’s no reliable way to date rock.
    Dating the Egyptian pyramids accurately is thus not possible & the Sphinx beside them shows signs of age in excess of 10,000 years because of rainwater erosion: there’s been no rain on the Giza plateau for 10,000 years.

    Graham Hancock’s book: America Before is a great read.
    John Doran.

    • I’ll have you know I dated a rock for a couple of years. Dead lay, but I’ve heard similar complaints about women. At least the rock never played around behind my back.

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