Puzzling burning UFO-object was observed in the sky over Virginia

The fiery UFO was noticed by residents of the American state of Virginia. The mysterious object burned in the sky for a long time and people managed to record it on video.

Local residents in social networks suggested that it could be a UFO or a burning plane.

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A meteorite that fell into the Earth’s atmosphere could burn, but in this case, with a high degree of probability, an explosion would have occurred, which was not observed.

“Too slow for a meteorite, to me that looks like very slow space junk or a plane high up with the sun lighting up the contrail”, wrote one user.

“This is not a plane as planes fly horizontally. I’m very familiar what jets looks like at sunset. This would be far bigger. And it’s nose diving”, wrote another commentator who introduced himself as a pilot.

So far, there is no explanation for this phenomenon.

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  1. Has to be space junk. Any video or witness’s from being any closer ?

  2. You… you guys know the O in UFO is object right?

    See: “ATM machine” or “NIC card”

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