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Purported ‘Extraterrestrial Remains’ Revealed at congress hearing in Mexico City

A Mexican ufologist, Jaime Maussan, has claimed to have two alien corpses that he presented to the Mexican Congress on Wednesday. He said that the corpses were more than 1,000 years old and were found in Peru in 2017.

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He also said that they had been studied by scientists who found that their DNA was partly unknown and that they had implants made of rare metals.

They reportedly found that more than 30 per cent of the extracted DNA was “unknown”, and said both bodies contained implants made of extremely rare metals.

X-rays of the “bodies” were also shown at the hearing, with one said by experts to contain eggs.

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The UNAM team also determined, through carbon 14 analysis, that the “beings” were buried for a millennium inside diatoms, a type of algae that doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria or fungi, which is how they remained so well preserved.

Maussan insisted that the supposed extraterrestrials were not mummies, but “whole, complete, bodies” that “have not been manipulated inside and that have a series of elements that make them truly extraordinary,”.

He then stated that if we have the courage to accept “that we are being visited by non-human intelligent beings that come to Earth from the depths of the universe, we could even travel to other universes.”

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Maussan testified under oath that the corpses were not part of our terrestrial evolution and that they were evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. He showed x-rays of the corpses, one of which he said contained eggs. He also showed videos of UFOs and other anomalous phenomena.

The whole thing has been met with a considerable degree of skepticism, with some arguing that the ‘aliens’ are in fact human mummies that had been unearthed in Peru back in 2017 and then modified in some way to make them appear more alien.

Maussan’s claims have not been verified by independent experts and he has been involved in previous hoaxes involving alleged alien mummies. He said that his goal was to increase transparency and research on the UFO phenomenon and to open the possibility of traveling to other universes.

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