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Psychic vampire

Psychic Vampires and Spiritual Zombies: How to Defend Yourself

Psychic vampireWith all the craziness out there in today’s world, you’re bound to meet up with some unsavory characters. Among the ones to watch out for are psychic vampires and spiritual zombies. Encountering these types can drain your energy and leave you sad and frustrated. Don’t fall for their traps. Learn to recognize them and defend yourself against their attacks.

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Psychic Vampires

Beware of these types. They can actually come off as charming and sincere at first before they go in for the bite. And once they do they latch on and rob you of your energy and vital life force. You’ll end up feeling drained spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically.

You may not always recognize them at first. Some psychic vampires can be appealing and charismatic. Others may come across as needy or negative whiners. However you will usually sense their intentions as they draw closer. You might feel as if your energy is being pulled from you, much like a magnet.

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When speaking with a psychic vampire, you may notice that they dominate the conversation. Even when silent they will dominate the energy in your space and attempt to siphon off your good vibrations.

If you are still unsure about a person’s vampire status, you’ll know once they leave and you are alone. If you feel tired, dazed, confused or uncomfortable in any way, you are likely a victim. Another clue is your emotional state. If you felt fine before but suddenly feel angry, sad or frustrated that is another sign. Also be sure to trust whatever your intuition tells you.

Spiritual Zombies

You may have heard those public service announcements about the Zombie Apocalypse, but little do they know that spiritual zombies have been running around for eons. These unfortunate beings won’t zap your energy in the same ways as a psychic vampire, but they should be guarded against just the same.

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Chances are that you have encountered many spiritual zombies during the course of an average day. While waiting in line for coffee you’ve seen them. Their soulless eyes and dazed looks give them away. Then there are the other kinds who only understand trivial gossip and the latest Hollywood scandals. Mention anything spiritual or uplifting and they look at you like you’re from another planet.

How do the zombies attack your spiritual energy? They can be sneaky, often employing tactics like peer pressure, conformity and shame. When in their presence you may feel like you are being singled out as different or odd. You may even feel sad and lost while they close in around you. On the other hand, they might just look through you and not even be aware of your existence. Either way it’s not a pleasant experience.

Building Your Defenses

Defending yourself against psychic vampires and spiritual zombies isn’t all that difficult. It mostly just requires awareness and simple psychic protection.

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It has often been said that the best defense is a good offense. Start by going into any situation with confidence. Own your energy and emotions and let no one challenge or latch on to them. Show no fear and remain true to yourself. Just having that attitude alone will keep those characters at bay.

Defending yourself also means having good psychic boundaries. Be conscious of your aura and protect it so that vampires can’t get in your energy field. Keeping tabs on your aura also prevents you from letting zombies cause you to lower your vibrations to match theirs.

Envision your aura surrounded by a bubble of violet, gold or pure white light. You can also set up a shield or imagine yourself surrounded by mirrors that defect any bad vibrations.

You can also call on spiritual guides and helpers. The archangels are great resources. Call upon Archangel Michael for protection and Archangel Raphael for healing any psychic wounds. Finally, consider carrying some crystals to ward off those negative entities. Amethyst, clear quartz and hematite are good all around protective stones.

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So the next time you’re up against those soul-crushing entities, rest assured you’ll be ready to handle any attack easily with grace and style.

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