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Psychic Uri Geller indicated where aliens can be found

Uri Geller, a world-famous illusionist, psychic and avid ufologist, claims that two mummified alien bodies on display in Mexico this week are the real deal and that he knows where else similar specimens can be found, the Daily Star reports.

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Mexico’s congress has impressed the world by displaying two mysterious three-fingered bodies, up to 1,800 years old, believed to belong to alien creatures, in miniature glass coffins. However, despite widespread interest in this event, doubts still surround it.

Ufologist José Jaime Mossan claims the bodies were discovered in Peru six years ago, but accusations of hoaxes and “baseless stunts” have left a shadow of disbelief.

According to Guido Lombardi, a professor of forensic science at the University of Peru Cayetano Heredia, the bodies were created from human bones in a “repulsive” way.

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But Uri Geller remains true to his convictions. He not only supports José Jaime Mossan, but also claims that similar bodies can be found in other parts of the world.

Geller believes that Peru, Easter Island and Jerusalem are “UFO hot spots” with a history of thousands of years, possibly energetic sites similar to the pyramids.

Uri Geller says that he became convinced that we are not unique in the Universe by studying evidence on this topic. He even claims that Wernher von Braun showed him the bodies of aliens 50 years ago.

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Commenting on the exhibition in Mexico, Geller posted a photo on Twitter that he claims shows one of the aliens carrying eggs. He reported the presence of osmium inside the creature’s chest plate, which is supposedly an “extraterrestrial element.”

However, many remain skeptical of this information and believe that such claims require additional evidence.

As a result, the exhibition of Mexican alien bodies arouses undeniable interest, but also leaves many questions unanswered. The debate about the origin and authenticity of these bodies continues, and it seems that the mystery of the alien creatures remains unsolved.

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