Psychic finds body of mysteriously missing Nicola Bulley

On the evening of February 19, 2023, in the River Wyre, Lancashire, England, with the help of a psychic, the body of 45-year-old Nicola Bulley was found, who disappeared under very strange circumstances on January 27.

British media report that the body was discovered by 33-year-old Jason Rothwell, who calls himself a “spiritual medium”.

First, the media got photos in which an unknown man and woman are standing by the river with the police, saying something to them and pointing to the water.

Then a message was published stating that human remains were found in the river, presumably belonging to the missing Nicola.

A photo in which psychic Rothwell points a police officer to a place in the Wyre River where the body of Nicola Bulli lies.

Then it turned out that the man was a certain Jason Rothwell, who considers himself a psychic. And if he really found the body in the water, where the police could not do this for almost a month, then apparently he really has a gift.

Jason Rothwell, who describes himself as a spiritual medium, wrote on social media that “yes, it is myself in the images in the media currently circulating”.

“I would also like to just say a huge thank you to Lancashire police for their help, support and the open mindedness with which they dealt with us, following our call, spiritualists or mediums are obviously not something the police come across every day and I appreciate the respect given to us both.

“It is also important to mention, I was not asked by the police or Nicola’s family to become involved in this case, but having seen the wild speculation and hurtful commentary that has been ongoing… I decided to use what ever “gift” it is we mediums possess to try and locate Nicola Bulley.”

Mr Rothwell claims he had previously assisted in the recovery of Michael Brooks, a teenager whose body was recovered from the river in Penwortham, Lancashire, in February 2018.

He said “it was myself and a friend who reported and assisted the police in the recovery of a body from the river Weir [sic].”

The search for Nicola lasted almost a month and during this time the police were reported to have carefully searched both the park itself, where Nicola disappeared while walking the dog, and the small river Wyre. According to the main version of the investigation, Nikola accidentally fell into this river and drowned.

Nicola disappeared in the morning in a park near the village of St. Michael’s on Wyre, when she was walking there with her dog, as usual.

At 9:10 a.m., another visitor to the park saw her, but ten minutes after that, Bulley’s phone was found on a bench by the river, her dog was running nearby, and the woman herself was nowhere to be seen.

Her remains were reportedly found near the riverbank, stuck in reeds, less than a mile from the bench where her phone was left.

After these reports, a wave of criticism began against the police, why the police and teams of specialists could not find the body less than a mile from the village of St. Michael on Wyre, despite weeks of intensive searches.

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