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Psychic dreams

Psychic Dreams – Spiritual and Intuitive Experiences While Dreaming

Psychic dreamsVarious forms of psychic dreams exist including dreams of the future, dreams of deceased loved ones, out of body experiences, and dreams that involve ESP.

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Throughout time, there have been many cases of psychic dreams that have been reported by “average Joe”-type individuals, many of whom have not previously reported psychic abilities or occurrences.

Psychic dreams can be either realistic or symbolic in nature. While realistic psychic dreams can be quite detailed and easy to understand, symbolic psychic dreams, (which make up about a third of psychic dreams,) can appear to be unrealistic and difficult to interpret.

Science has shown that ESP and dreams can be closely linked and research seems to indicate that while in a dream state, the mind no longer is aware of the so-called restraints that individuals put on themselves as to what is or isn’t possible with the subconscious mind. Therefore, psychic dreams become possible.

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Sigmund Freud was an Austrian physician who created the method of psychoanalysis. His research into dreams and the subconscious mind is legendary, bringing dreams into the scientific community. He is quoted as saying that it’s an “incontestable fact that sleep creates favorable conditions for telepathy.”

Precognitive Dreams

Precognition is a form of extrasensory perception, also known as ESP. Over half of all psychic experiences are termed precognitive, meaning they involve knowledge of the future.

Often, people will experience precognitive dreams in which details of future events are revealed.

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Psychic Dreams of Deceased Loved Ones

Another form of psychic dream is when an individual has a dream of a deceased loved one. This does not mean that every dream of a deceased loved one is psychic. However, there are times when people dream of a loved one in which the loved one appears to be trying to convey some sort of message.

Most often, these psychic dreams occur a short time after the loved one has passed away.

Out-of-Body Travel or Experience While Dreaming

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An out-of-body experience, (also known as an OBE,) is when one’s consciousness, (or what some refer to as soul,) leaves the body and “travels” around. In one form or another, different types of out of body experiences, (like astral traveling or a near-death experience,) have been reported by 25% of the population.

While dreaming, some people are able to experience out of body travel or experiences. Sometimes the experience is as simple as traveling to another area of one’s home and observing what another member of the family is doing, only to have the family member validate the experience in the morning.

Psychic dreams can happen to anyone, not just to a person who has enhanced psychic abilities. If experiencing any of the above-mentioned types of psychic dreams, consider keeping a dream journal to see how often they occur and how accurate they are.

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