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Psychic: Submarine “Titan” may have awakened the curse of the “Titanic”

On June 19, the alarming news spread around the world that a deep-sea tourist bathyscaphe with the name “Titan”, which descended to the remains of the sunken liner “Titanic” to a depth of almost 4 km, could not rise back and communication with it was interrupted.

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Inside the bathyscaphe (in the press it is stubbornly called a submarine) were three billionaire tourists who paid 250 thousand dollars for this “journey”, and two accompanying persons. The bathyscaphe, about 7 meters long, belonged to OceanGate Expeditions. He sank under water at 8 am on Sunday, June 18, and communication with “Titan” was lost at 9.45.

The start of a rescue operation was announced, but, as it turned out, neither the United States, nor Canada, nor the UK actually have other bathyscaphes capable of descending to such a great depth.

Now the media are writing that there is only 40 hours of oxygen left on the missing bathyscaphe, and so far even the location of the bathyscaphe has not been determined.

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All that the rescuers can do so far is to try to find the place where the Titan bathyscaphe is stuck with the help of remote deep-sea vehicles, which they are doing now.

Meanwhile, British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, who is believed to have predicted Brexit and Donald Trump’s electoral victory, said the missing Titan could have awakened the Titanic’s curse, reports

“The legendary ship Titanic, with its tragic history, continues to captivate the minds of many. Rumors of curses and eerie coincidences surround this ill-fated vessel, leaving some to wonder if it holds a deeper meaning.

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“Perhaps it has a curse specifically meant for the rich and privileged, and perhaps that curse was awakened when they decided to explore the crash site, actually a large grave.

“After the sinking of the liner, there were rumors that there was an ancient Egyptian mummy on board the Titanic and that it was she who may have put a curse on the ship. However, it is important to approach these stories with an astute mind, and while the idea of ​​a mummy’s curse may strike our imagination, there is little evidence for this.

“There are also many creepy stories about people who changed their minds about sailing and returned their tickets for the first voyage to the box office, fearing that the ship would sink. There are also well-known cases when people saw prophetic dreams about the tragic fate of the Titanic.

“From the very beginning, the Titanic has been the cause of so many tragedies. When my grandmother was a little girl, she lived in Southampton at the time of the sinking of the Titanic. She told me that one of the few male survivors lived in their house.

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“His guilt for having experienced the tragedy tormented him so much that he ended up hanging himself in their back room. My grandmother said that many people in Southampton at the time believed that the ship was cursed.

“Rumors of curses and eerie coincidences surrounded this ill-fated vessel, even extending to the realm of cinema. It was said that the sets of films related to the Titanic were surrounded by problems, as if they were under a curse. This also applies to the 1997 film Titanic directed by James Cameron.

“Numerous problems arose during filming, leading some to believe the project was under a curse. There were reports of inclement weather, delays and even accidents on set, heightening the mystique surrounding Titanic’s ill-fated legacy.

“Strange coincidences and eerie incidents seemed to follow the film’s cast and crew. Several people involved in the film experienced personal tragedies shortly after its release, further reinforcing the notion of the film’s curse.

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“As a psychic medium, I recognize that certain events can carry an energetic residue that affects the experience associated with them. The enormous tragedy and great loss of life associated with the Titanic may have left a mark that resonates with the film industry, leading to these perceived challenges and supernatural occurrences.

“However, it is important to approach these stories from a balanced perspective. Coincidences can happen in any project, and it’s critical to consider the many factors that contribute to problems during film production. Sometimes the glamor of a curse or supernatural influence can overshadow more mundane explanations.”

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