Professor Claims Aliens ‘Abduct Humans and Live on Earth Until Total Invasion’

Aliens not only abduct people, but also use mind control to integrate into earthly society. This sensational statement was made by Professor David Jacobs, professor of history at Temple University, specializing in ufology. The researcher wrote several books on the topic of aliens, in which he described the interview of people who claimed that they were abducted by aliens, reports

David claimed that by abducting people from the planet and subsequently using mind control, an alien species is preparing to take over the Earth.

“We have spread throughout the world and conquered as much as we could. We do not know if other beings would agree with this state of affairs or not, but it is certainly true from a human point of view,” he began. “My best guess — and this is my guess — that yes, aliens do the same thing. It’s something they do just like we do.”

The professor went on to say that he had spoken to a large number of abductees who had told him that they would have “jobs” in the future. And he suggested that many of the abductees claimed that they recalled being given the same instructions to appease or “crowd control.”

He explained: “When they get older they will be required to stand on the corner of a street. There will be a large number of people running down the street and your job is to say, just keep moving, everything will be okay’.”

Dr. Jacobs then suggested that the abductee’s testimony began to change over time: the subjects claimed to have seen humanoid aliens aboard the UFO.

“They described that the creatures on board looked very human-like. They even went down to Earth and tried to find out what it was like to walk among us, to be human,” he recalled.

“At that moment, I realized that this is integration into society, before the capture … They can control us, but we cannot control them. They are superhuman in a way.”

“Whether they are going to take over or not, they can control the human mind… I don’t know what will happen after that, I fear the worst. I think these beings aboard UFOs have done this before.”

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