Presumably Bigfoot Captured In Utah’s Lone Peak

BigfootThe following video was taken on March 23 this year, at half past ten in the morning, at the snowy peak of Lon Peak in the US state of Utah.

Rewind the video to the mark of 2:52, you can see a dark and disproportionately tall human-like figure walking through a blizzard up the side of a mountain. An eyewitness who received mysterious shots, argues that it could not be a climber, because he had absolutely no equipment.

According to Tanner Hargis, he stood in a garden near his own house and filmed nature with a powerful lens when he saw this stranger at a distance of more than ten kilometers from himself.

The astonished American began to film the black silhouette, quickly realizing that he was by no means an ordinary person. The height of this creature was at least three meters, it moved, despite the blizzard, extremely easy, as if walking and not experiencing any discomfort.

Of course, Hargis, as well as many cryptozoologists and ordinary users of the Internet, considered that this was a real Bigfoot. Perhaps hominid lives on this peak or somewhere in its vicinity.

Local residents, by the way, have previously repeatedly reported on the observation of mysterious anthropomorphic figures wandering along the slopes of this mountain. It is possible that a whole population of legendary Bigfoot lives here.

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