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Possible Goblin Sighting in Argentina Causes Stir Online

A video (see below) that allegedly shows a goblin running on a road in Argentina has gone viral on social media, sparking debate and speculation among netizens, reports

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The footage was reportedly recorded by a security camera outside the home of a police officer in the town of José de San Martín on Christmas Eve.

The video shows a dog barking at something off-screen, then a small, dark figure zooms past the camera, moving very fast and appearing blurry.

Some viewers have suggested that the figure could be a duende, a mythical creature from Latin American folklore that is said to be a mischievous spirit or goblin. Others have dismissed the idea, saying that the figure is either a human or an animal, or that the video is fake.

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The police officer who owns the camera, told local media that he was not at home when the incident occurred, but he checked the footage later and was surprised by what he saw.

He said he did not know what the figure was, but he did not believe it was a goblin. He also said that his dog was not scared by the figure, but rather curious.

The video has generated a lot of interest and comments on social media, with some users sharing their own stories and experiences with duendes or other paranormal phenomena.

A duende is a humanoid figure of folklore, with variations from Iberian, Ibero American, and Latin American cultures, comparable to dwarves, gnomes, or leprechauns.

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Some have expressed fear or curiosity about the figure, while others have made jokes or memes about it. The video has also attracted the attention of paranormal researchers and investigators, who have expressed their desire to analyze the footage and interview the witnesses.

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