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Possible ghost visit caught on camera at shop in New Orleans

A T-shirt shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans claims to have captured a possible ghost visit on their surveillance cameras on Sunday night. The owners of NOLA T-Shirt of the Month Club on St. Ann Street shared the footage with WGNO, a local news station.

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The video shows one of the side doors of the shop being pushed open around 10:30 p.m., but no one can be seen entering or exiting. Then, a faint white orb flies across one of the cameras, and a movement can be seen in the reflection of another door.

Jackie Abston, co-owner of the shop, told WGNO that nothing was moved or touched in the store when they checked it the next morning. She said they have felt the presence of spirits in their store before, but this was the first time they caught something on camera.

“I hear footsteps a lot when nobody is in there and sometimes the lamp will turn off unexpectedly. It doesn’t scare me. I believe if the store is haunted then it is definitely a friendly ghost who loves T-shirts and the spirit of all things New Orleans. I believe this won’t be the last time we will be visited by our local French Quarter ghosts,” she said.

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The French Quarter is known for its history and culture, and some believe it is also home to many ghosts and paranormal phenomena. Whether or not the shop’s visitor was a real ghost or just a glitch in the camera is up to interpretation, but Jackie Abston said she welcomes any friendly spirits who want to browse their T-shirts.

“We believe it was just a friendly French Quarter spirit just checking out our new T-shirt collection after having one too many sazeracs,” she joked.

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