Bigfoot in forest

Possible Bigfoot sightings reported twice in northeastern Georgia

Bigfoot in forestTwo men reportedly saw the legendary biped on two separate occasions within a week.

The first encounter between Ellijay and Blue Ridge took place on May 20 at around 8:30pm. The witness stated he saw a “7-8 ‘ tall, hairy, two legged creature with a pointed head” walking in the nearby woods. He noted that from its sides it had very long arms.

“He said the arms were very long and it walked with the arms extended from its sides,” the post continues. “He pulled over skidding on the gravel, and waited on the back side of the small patch of woods thinking it would emerge on the other side … it never did.”

A few days later, in Rabun County, another man reported seeing a “black / gray” creature.

He watched it walk through a field and even got out of his vehicle to get a better view, but it turned and saw him before he walked into some woods after getting within 50 ft of the creature.

No conclusive explanation has yet been found for either sighting.

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