Possible Bigfoot sighting in Oregon woods reported

BigfootA group of Bigfoot hunters released a video clip of an unknown creature picked up on a thermal camera, reports “Fox News”.

The new Travel Channel show, premiered on December 8, follows the efforts of a Bigfoot investigation team as they are searching for evidence in a’ hot zone’ of 90,000 acres in central Oregon.

The group consists of actor and producer Bryce Johnson, veteran primatologist Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot researchers Ronny LeBlanc and Russell Acord.

They managed to capture thermal footage of a large creature moving in the distance during filming for the first episode although it is impossible to tell for sure what it might be.

“When we were in the field, we were able to capture something on video that fits [the description of a large ape],” said Mayor. “Very big and moving in an apelike – if not bipedal – fashion.”

“That, to me, is probably the most compelling piece of evidence that I’ve seen so far.”

Mayor also showed the video to another primatologist who was equally impressed with it.

“When he saw the footage, he was completely blown away,” she said.

“[He] agreed with me that something apelike was far from its home.”

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