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Police: Psychics accurately predicted where and when missing girl will be found

A group of psychics, to the surprise of authorities in Kentucky, reportedly were able to predict correctly where and when a missing teen would be found, reports

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The curious case began in Frankfurt city on January 13th, when Haylee Martin’s father reported the disappearance of his daughter to the police.

Attempts to locate the young woman over the course of the next week have proved to be futile, leading officials to consider a more unconventional approach to their search.

Sheriff Chris Quire visited Martin’s home this past Thursday evening where a group of self-proclaimed clairvoyants had gathered in the hopes of psychically locating the teenager.

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While he was skeptical that the meeting would be effective, the law enforcement officer stated that he went along with the idea because he “did not want to leave any stone unturned.”

During the session, Quire recalled, members of the proverbial psychic search party “agreed that we would find Haylee in a neighboring county by morning.”

Surprisingly, the group’s prophecy turned out to be true as a police department in a nearby county called Quire’s office the next day to confirm that that morning they had found the missing girl, who had actually run away from home.

“It’s hard to believe,” marveled the sheriff at the incredible precision of the group’s prediction.

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