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Police Officers Flee Station Due to Poltergeist Activity

In the African country of Zimbabwe, superstition runs deep, with many attributing strange occurrences to the tricks of invisible goblins.

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Recently, an incident at a police station in Bulilime District, Matabeleland South Province, has been attributed to these goblins, specifically female ones.

However, the events more closely resemble a poltergeist phenomenon, so intense that the officers had to abandon the station.

The situation escalated to the point where police from other stations supported the decision, stating they did not want to put their colleagues in further danger by asking them to return.

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Local official Mabed Ngulani reported that pairs of police officers were attacked by “goblin women” during the night. These entities allegedly committed acts of physical violence, doors opened on their own, and there was a persistent strange noise, as if creatures were climbing onto the roof.

The police officers were so scared that they couldn’t even take a nap.

Efforts were made to find an alternative location for the police, but no suitable premises were found in the nearest village.

Consequently, the villages in this area are currently without police officers, with no clear indication of when they might return.

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