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Police deny rumors of alien invasion in Miami

A strange incident occurred at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami on Monday night, attracting the attention of dozens of police officers and sparking rumors of an alien invasion, reports CBSNews.

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As scores of police cars with lights and sirens flashed arrived at the Bayside Marketplace, rumors of “8-10 foot tall aliens” allegedly infiltrating the building quickly began to spread on social media.

Belief in these rumors was so strong that some claimed to have seen a mystical creature standing right in front of the shopping center.

However, some time later, officer Michael Vega denied these rumors, saying that there were no aliens or UFOs at the site. Instead, the police were called to break up an ongoing fight between 50 teenagers inside the building.

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“There were no aliens, UFOs or extraterrestrials there,” confirmed Officer Vega. “No airports were closed, no power outages.”

Despite this confirmation, rumors continued to spread, creating incredible public interest. The term “Aliens in Miami” even made it into the top 10 searches on X (Twitter), and major news outlets began publishing stories about the alleged aliens.

“I don’t know if the rumors about aliens in the Miami mall are real, but I do know that I have never seen so many police in one place,” wrote one user X.

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Experts note that the incident was a clear example of how information can be distorted and accepted as truth in the digital age.

Despite the lack of confirmed facts about aliens, aliens in Miami has become a huge hit online, highlighting the need to check facts before accepting fascinating stories on social media at face value.

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