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Alien invasion

Plan 9 From Outer Space: Could Aliens Implement Such a Thing?

Alien invasionIt’s a fascinating question to wonder. Edward D. Wood Jr. was not one of the greatest directors of his generation but he certainly made some interesting films. He used many of the same actors who stuck with him again and again and helped Bela Lugosi with a few more films before his death since Hollywood had effectively abandoned him.

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People would say Lugosi was washed up and did not deserve to work again. It was a shame for the one-time great actor who portrayed Dracula. However, that’s how the world was at the time. Ageism was a factor in Hollywood about whether or not people get parts.

Luckily today, it’s not as much an issue in Hollywood today. This movie has gained a cult following since its release and there might be a reason for that: it asks a question that many people do not ask. The question is whether aliens could invade our planet.

The plot of Plan 9 posits a great many questions. They include just what kind of plan the aliens would have for us once they invaded. While there were obviously other plans for a tactic to stop the humans during the invasion, the plan the invaders choose is plan nine.

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This particular strategy involves raising the dead on earth. The aliens hope such a problem will force humans to listen to the aliens. Otherwise, the aliens will destroy mankind with the dead. Such an idea is not often explored in the context of an alien invasion.

You do not see movies talking about aliens using graves to resurrect the dead to assist them. It begs the question: are aliens truly capable of this?

They could have technology that greatly surpasses our own. It would mean they have a technical edge over the humans. The technological advantage along could spell doom for us. We follow Trent and Paula, his wife, throughout the movie. They begin to hear the sirens while Jeff informs Paula of his UFO encounter.

Later, a police inspector is killed by the female zombie he encounters. As more saucers make their way to earth, the military takes shots at them in Washington, DC. Once Commander Eros determines he cannot contact the humans normally, he uses plan nine to resurrect the dead. He believes them to be too stupid and immature that they must be eliminated.

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This raises interesting questions about what exactly the alien race thinks of us. Do they think we are intelligent and have a developed society? Or do they think we are worthless scum that must be eradicated from our planet? We can judge our technological standards by what we have developed but we have no idea exactly what is going on with theirs.

It’s intelligence we might never be privy to ourselves. Should alien kind know how to resurrect the dead, it would be a difficult thing for our society to survive. Zombies like to kill people and are oftentimes mindless in their question for destruction. It might be the reality we are living in today.

To wonder just what might happen, we do not need to use the HomeAware but we do need to hypothesize exactly where our world would go. First off, there would be mass extinction of humans due to the zombie threat.

Unless someone found technology to control them, there’d be no chance of success for us. We could use the nukes but that would leave a great deal of devastation, as seen in Tom Cruise ‘s Oblivion. How would we be able to match the alien threat without destroying our own? The best way, it would seem, is to stop the aliens from resurrecting dead or fighting the dead.

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During such an event, as in the movie, law enforcement may need to come in to stop these menaces. It would make a great deal of sense to do this. The question is: whether or not humans could defeat aliens with our technology?

It might continue to be a mystery until the coming invasion occurs. We may not be sure when it comes. However, given the events of late and UFO sightings continuing to be seen, out time on this planet might be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

About author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, consumer electronics, and the entertainment industry.

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