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Pilots see hundreds of UFOs, but are afraid to talk about them

Many airline pilots and military pilots have encountered UFOs for many decades, that is, long before the advent of the Internet. However, such meetings are rarely reported within companies and among colleagues.

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An unnamed pilot told a journalist for the British newspaper Daily Star that most of the pilots specifically use phrases such as “Unidentified Movement” or “Air Phenomenon” rather than UFOs because they are afraid they will be called “nuts.”

The newspaper reports that pilots say they have seen hundreds of UFOs, but commercial and military pilots say any crew member who speaks out about UFOs is risking their career.

One pilot said that airline bosses are so hostile to claims of alleged aliens that a colleague was once advised to consult a doctor after talking about a UFO sighting. Another pilot stated the following:

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“When someone talks about UFOs, everyone thinks they are referring to aliens, but this is not always the case, especially with the increasing use of drones. Thus, most pilots will use various neutral phrases like aerial phenomena. Nobody wants to talk about UFOs. If you say “UFOs,” people think that you are either drunk, or taking drugs, or mentally ill. ”

Then the journalist went to the online forum of pilots and also found there similar statements about UFOs.

One member said: “Many airline pilots, self included, and military pilots have had encounters at altitude with UFOs over many decades and before the internet.

“Encounters are reported internally and amongst colleagues and seldom reach the media. When you are fortunate to be a close witness, it is really quite serious stuff.

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“There are advantages in having an office window at 37,000ft.”

Another said that he first saw a UFO 30 years ago when he was flying a cargo jet from Singapore to Brisbane.

He said: “It was 2am local time and my co-pilot asked air traffic control, ‘Do you have traffic in our vicinity?’ Negative was the response.

“Not long after, we saw something we, shall we say, shouldn’t have seen. No, we didn’t query air traffic control.”

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Earlier this year an American Airlines pilot was recorded saying he saw something moving in a cloud.

The pilot asked: “Do you have any targets up here?

“We just had something go over the top of us that, I hate to say this, but it looked like a long ­cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing moving really fast right over the top of us.”

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