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Pilots caught in hilarious exchange after ‘UFO’ sighting over Ireland

Two pilots were caught in an interesting exchange after a reported UFO sighting over Irish airspace occurred in the early hours this morning.

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UAP was spotted over Irish airspace shortly after midnight on Wednesday (May 29), with the sighting being reported to Air Traffic Control.

Some of the exchanges between the pilots and ATC were shared online by online aviation journalist Shaun Dunne — Shaun’s Aviation on Twitter (X) — with the sighting happening in the direction of Northern Ireland/Scotland.

The pilot described seeing the UFO as ‘an object [that was] there and then it went,’ adding to Air Traffic Control ‘it was almost like it was staying still then it went really quickly.’

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While the exact description of the object now known, Shaun’s Aviation managed to catch a witty exchange between two pilots — with one saying ‘I’ve never seen something amazing like that before,’ prompting another pilot to comment ‘You obviously haven’t seen my landings.’

The first pilot quickly retorted ‘you haven’t seen mine either,’ before both aircrafts continued to their destinations following the UFO sighting.

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