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Pilot Who Recorded UFO Over Colombia Speaks Out

Due to its unusual appearance, the now-famous UFO video from Colombia—known as “UAP V”—has generated a lot of discussion and conjecture. But as the video’s pilot, Jorge A. Arteaga, steps forward to tell his experience, the riddle only grows.

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Pilot Jorge A. Arteaga was located by renowned Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan, who also verified the video’s authenticity. Arteaga clarified earlier stories, claiming that it was actually him who videotaped the encounter.

“According to Jorge A. Arteaga, the object observed was not a balloon of any type, not a drone, and not any known object to him,” The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 wrote. “He recorded a video of the sighting, which has been confirmed to be authentic.

“Arteaga recounts that the object was first seen floating stationary at a specific point between Medellin and Santa Fe. He and his co-pilot, Daniel, were flying towards Medellin when they noticed the object.

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“As they approached the UAP, it suddenly moved towards them, prompting Arteaga to ask Daniel if he saw and heard it. Arteaga then turned the plane around, capturing the first video of the stationary object.

“As he was filming, the object moved slightly, and he began to ‘hunt’ it with the aircraft. At this point, the UAP started moving towards them. Arteaga managed to avoid the object while flying at a speed of 130 to 140 knots, which is roughly over 300 kilometers per hour.

“He noted that had the object been a balloon, the aircraft’s wake would have blown it away or disrupted its position. He also ruled out the possibility of it being a solar or helium balloon, as the sighting occurred at 12,500 feet with temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius.

“Arteaga expressed fear during the encounter, insisting that the object was neither a balloon, a drone, nor any known object to him.”

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“Bob Lazar said they flew belly first, not flat like throwing a Frisbee. Looks legit,” one viewer commented.

“Moving much too fast to be a drone and the design of it definitely looks alien as well,” another wrote. “There is a slight light around what could be considered to be the cockpit area and it looks as if it is emanating from the inside.”

“I have footage of a craft like this moving thru the clouds at about twenty thousand feet as well,” someone else claimed. “I recognized the way it moves here immediately.”

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“Is this the best footage we ever got!?” another viewer asked.

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