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Pick a Key and See What Your Subconscious Tells About Your Character

A simple decision can tell your tastes, inclinations, strengths or weaknesses, and your personality. We come up with this test to reveal something about your character. Click on image to enlarge and pick a key.

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Key #1:

You’ve chosen the most common and simplest key without any superfluities. But despite its plain form, this key is most effective in opening doors. Choosing this key signifies that you are sensible, strong-minded, and very logical. Nevertheless, there are times that you can be delicate and vulnerable.

Key #2:

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You’ve chosen this reliable key that could open any door in a magical castle. This reveals that you’re a fascinating, innovative and strong type of person. You easily get what you want, and your strengths are independence and unwillingness to feel bounded by any promises.

Key #3:

You’ve chosen the key with the rare form. This only means that you confident and you believe in yourself; otherwise, why would you risk at all picking the strangest key? Its biting cuts are very tricky so you can’t be sure if it can open one particular lock. You are decisive and always full of interesting ideas. You accept challenges without thinking twice. You are always in control of your life and ready to embark on every journey that awaits you.

Key #4:

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You’ve chosen the key that looks like a four-leaf clover. Have you noticed it? It shows that you are jolly, easy-going, and positive person. Nevertheless, you have to be careful because sometimes your positivity makes you impulsive and a little directed dragging you in trouble without even realizing it.

Key #5:

You’ve chosen the key with many complicated decoration details, which is the same type of key that is seen on fairytales and fantasies. Choosing this key means you are an imaginative dreamer with an original character and very bright thoughts. You take things personally, and sometimes your unique personality is not well received by others, making you feel left out and misinterpreted.

Key #6:

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You’ve chosen the classic key. It means you are rational and full of good sense. You possess great power of concentration, but you find it hard to go out on your comfort zone. You are very loyal and you expect the same from the people around you.

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