Physicists are about to find out if we live in a simulation

Researchers from Kickstarter intend to get an answer to the question: Are we living in a virtual simulation (or matrix)?

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The project has now raised $ 236,590 thanks to 1,127 sponsors who are interested in testing the above theory. The team of physicists is confident that they can figure it out.

Modeling theory states that if humans (or other intelligent species) continue to evolve, then in hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years, it is likely that they will have advanced computing power.

If we evolved to the size of a galaxy, we could harness the power of stars, or perhaps even black holes. With all this energy and computing development, it is likely that our descendants may have wanted to see their ancestors and created some kind of simulation.

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In 2017, a team of physicists proposed several methods for testing matrix theory with varying degrees of difficulty.

Scientists primarily believe that the simulation will have limited resources, so its creators will not simulate the entire universe. Only the parts of the simulation visible to an observer will be generated.

To solve this puzzle, scientists need to figure out when all the information will be available to the observers themselves, that is, to us. For this, humanity will need a powerful breakthrough in the development of computer technology.

Such technologies already exist, for example, the Odyssey supercomputer even today can simulate tens of billions of years in a month.

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On the other hand, if we find out that we do not live in the matrix, then this will also have certain consequences.

Perhaps in the future, we ourselves may be the first to create a realistic simulation of the universe. Some researchers believe that this is impossible without the participation of artificial intelligence.

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