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Physicist: teleportation will become a reality

The mysteries of our Universe persist, raising questions about the feasibility of teleportation, the influence of higher intelligences, and the potential friendliness of artificial intelligence, as cosmologist and author of “Unreal Reality,” Andrey Kananin, discussed with a Russian news outlet.

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“Andrey Vladimirovich, rumors circulate about our Universe being a virtual construct, with much information intentionally concealed. Could this be to preserve our mental well-being or facilitate societal control?” queried the interviewer.

“I find it hard to entertain Earth-centric conspiracy theories; my trust lies in scientific principles and our comprehension of fundamental physical laws,” responded Kananin.

“Yet, the ‘zoo theory’ proposes that an advanced extraterrestrial intelligence monitors us, inhibiting contact with other civilizations due to our relative underdevelopment. Despite our attempts to communicate, we are seemingly blocked.”

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“Many scientists posit that advanced civilizations would uphold ethical principles and potentially intervene in global crises,” Kananin continued. “However, if we inhabit a simulated reality, it could be switched off at will.”

“Is it conceivable to teleport not just elementary particles, but entire physical bodies across space and time at tremendous speeds?” pondered the interviewer.

“Quantum mechanics unveils peculiar properties: particles exhibit behaviors contingent on observation,” Kananin elucidated. “Entanglement allows instantaneous interaction across vast distances without transmitting information, circumventing Einstein’s laws. While teleportation seems paradoxical, scientists explore avenues within these boundaries.”

“Teleporting macroscopic objects, like humans, remains a daunting task,” Kananin admitted. “Yet, historical precedent demonstrates humanity’s capacity to innovate despite challenges. With exponential advancements and the aid of ethical algorithms, artificial intelligence may facilitate our endeavors.”

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In the realm of uncertainty, the quest for answers persists, driven by human curiosity and the promise of scientific discovery.

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