Physicist claims Black Holes are gates to other universes, and we live in one of them

Thanks to films like Interstellar, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Star Trek and Star Wars, topics such as space travel, black holes, multiverse theory and other similar things have become subjects of interest. Polish theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski suggests that black holes and multiverse might not just be a fantasy, reports

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Speaking to the Daily Star UK, Nikodem revealed that he has theorised that every black hole contains a new universe. He said, “Our entire universe could exist inside a black hole that in turn is part of another universe.”

He proposed the theory that torsion causes the formation of an entirely new universe through a big bounce in every black hole. It was even listed among the top 10 discoveries of 2010 by National Geographic and Science Magazines.

Black holes can vary in size from microscopic to supermassive ones at the centre of galaxies. The biggest black hole to ever be discovered yet is about 8.5 billion lightyears away at the centre of the Phoenix Galaxy cluster.

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The black hole is about 100 billion times larger than the sun and the event horizon has a diameter of 590 billion kilometres. It weighs about 10% of the mass of the Milky Way galaxy.

Irrespective of the size, Nikodem claims that black holes might be our gateway to the multiverse. “A baby universe is … a separate, closed spacetime branch with its own timeline,” he explains.

He further revealed that the baby universe is always bigger than the parent black hole “because it is on the other side of the event horizon. It is like Tardis in Doctor Who. You enter the police box, and you realize that you are in something bigger than the box”.

Nikodem also suggested that according to the Einstein-Cartan theory of gravity, every black hole produces a baby universe inside and becomes an Einstein-Rosen bridge (also known as a wormhole) that connects the parent universe to the baby universe.

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The parent universe exists on the other side of the “white hole” as seen from the baby universe’s perspective. Nikodem explained the white hole to be “a region of space that cannot be entered from the outside and which can be thought of as the time reverse of a black hole.”

This theory is what makes Nikodem theorise that our universe might be the interior of a black existing in another parent universe.

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