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Photos depicting a UFO being chased by a fighter were released from Wendell Stevens’ locker

A few days ago, in our group, ufologist Dustin Shutta shared new photos showing a UFO and a fighter jet. Here is what he writes:

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“I own these photographs of a fighter jet/B-1 chasing or being followed by a ufo taken in 1994, location unknown. If anyone has any more info about these series of photographs let me know. Also, these photographs came from Colonel Wendelle Stevens storage locker.”

Wendelle C. Stevens was a retired US Air Force pilot-turned-UFO investigator and researcher. Wendelle began his military career in the Army Air Force in 1942.

Credit: Dustin Schutta

After WWII, in the newly formed Air Force, Wendelle participated in many top secret programs, including those which had him investigate UFOs.

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Having this official inside knowledge, he knew there was something to the phenomena, so he began his own private research and investigation. Since then Wendell collected more than 4,000 actual UFO photographs, and has written and co-authored over 30 books on extensive UFO contact cases.

Credit: Dustin Schutta

Stevens has also been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception, as its original founding member. He investigated many high profile cases such as the Billy Meier case and the Aztec UFO crash in New Mexico.

Credit: Dustin Schutta

Wendelle Stevens passed away on September 7, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona.

If anyone has more information about these photos, write to us or contact Dustin Schutta.

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  1. That is not a B-1 it’s a F-14 fighter jet with wings not swept back. Similar picture of the amaury rivera puerto rico case.

  2. The first photo provides the highest resolution of the pursuit aircraft and to clearly identify it is a challenge. I would say it’s not a B-1, based partially on the previous comments of Justin, as the B-1 is really big, it would produce a tremendous sound at that altitude, plus given the angle of attack of the jet in the photo, I would say there’s no chance of a B-1 pulling out of that steep a dive without crashing.

    My best guess from the profile in this image says it’s an F-101 fighter from the USAF jet program of the 1950s, but that plane stopped flying officially in 1982. If this is a real UFO incident, then we are given the fact that the military mission was to pursue a UFO in 1994 (assuming the photo date stamp is correct). With that fact identified, it’s possible this is a remote-controlled reconnaissance version of the F-101 fighter (produced as a F-101G/H variant equipped with six or more cameras). I suspect using older remote piloted jet fighters for this purpose (intercepting UFOs) would make sense. An older jet not seen flying anymore would further obscure it’s recognition and if lost/crashed, it would be unlikely to be questioned strongly. Sadly, it’s well documented that over the years many military pilots across the world were lost on missions to “intercept” UFOs.

    From the second photo, the advanced positioning and angle of the jet exposing it’s underbelly would indicate an attempt to position the underside to photograph the UFO. Given the massive tech difference between these craft, specifically the UFO’s ability to detect the jet’s armament, an unarmed jet would possibly be able to get close enough to a flying saucer to take a photo, a good photo. But, these photos could be faked, who knows.

    Final Note: I met and interviewed Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, Ret. before he passed and I was fortunate enough to attended his memorial service at Fort Huachuca, AZ. I consider it an honor in knowing him, albeit so briefly, and knowing of his life-time devotion to the investigation of UFOs, alien contactees, and related phenomenon.

  3. Firstly, B-1 is a bomber first off, like the 2 previous comments noted.
    Secondly, based on the photographs, that B-1 would have needed to make 3 passes for these photos to be real, which I find slightly unrealistic.
    As much as I would like these pics to be real, the fact that there are 3 different positions for the B-1 makes this impossible.
    Not to say that certain aspects are not real, either the UFO or the B-1, but we cannot confrim

  4. That and a B-1 isn’t a pursuit jet, they’re used for dropping bombs, it’s not a fighter aircraft and it would make zero sense to have a B-1 chasing a saucer.

  5. Well, first off, a B-1 is a bomber; not a jet fighter

    Second off. A B-1 is a large aircraft and judging by the picture there, the jet looks to be flying barely above tree top level. It also appears to be pretty close to the camera. A real B-1 would be a lot larger than that. Also the way it looks to be flying in the picture, the jet would have crashed due to structural failure. It looks like a radio controlled plane or a model.

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